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Thread: Weight Lifting

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    I disagree with #1&2 but agree with the rest.

    I will takes months off from squatting 6-10 sometimes. I deadlift consistently and will generally squat 405 in a week or 2 after I start squatting again.
    I consider the DL #2 on my list of "if you could only do one exercise". For me its an easy point to concede to the DL.

    As far as carry over, it may be your stance allows for such a good carryover or possibly your biomechanics (which would include stance) that allows this. There again, we're dealing with my numbers 1 and 2 on best movements list so, again, an easy matter to agree with. Also agree tremendously about weighted bar is much easier to work on form with. I'm so stiff that 225# is needed to push me below parallel.

    oh, by the way, congrats on the good numbers you put up. It sure is nice being young. Just be careful because old age can remind you of those times in a different way LOL.


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    Bench Progress

    Two 10-rep sets at 145 lbs. although the last rep was a fail. I'm back hunting my 185 lb. goal for reps (body weight). Plan is to raise weight by 5 lbs./month or after 3-4 sessions at the current weight which ever comes first. Trainer has introduced some extra chest work (incline Smith press and reverse incline barbell press) to get some additional chest muscles engaged in my pursuit. I do incline bench flies which really do stretch the chest. Which I started doing this years ago.

    Legs and Back are on a 200 lb. plateau, not shameful, but I'll be very happy to get both to 225 which for me would exceed the embarrassment threshold. Actually, it's a great gym: no selfies, little conversation, and no one I wouldn't ask to spot me.

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    Rogue is having their annual November sale. I went ahead and ordered one of those cambered bars we discussed months ago. Looking forward to trying it for bench and overhead pressing

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    I recently started rucking 4-5 times per week at a 17:30 per mile pace for an hour with a 40lb pack. I have to say that itís been a great change of pace for cardio work. My traps were pretty sore after the first few but Iíve been feeling great. Definitely fatiguing on the legs but seems much easier on the joints compared to running.

    Does anyone have one of the GoRuck Ruckers? Iím thinking about investing in one so I can go heavier. Their pricing for plates is absolutely criminal but I found some of basically the same dimensions on Amazon for way less.

    Iím on the fence as many people say about 1/3 of your BW is about where you should set a cutoff which wouldnít leave me much more weight I can carry before I exceed that so im not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. Im currently using a GoRuck Bullet I got for cheap secondhand and itís a great pack for what it is.

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    I made it through Sorinex's Squatober. I hit a squat PR of 235 after squatting M-F. I could feel my bench getting better as well, so I tested the waters to see where that's at and wound up with a PR of 210. I'm looking forward to Deadcember. My current PR is 300, and I'm confident that I can do more. Testing my PRs is cool and all, but these 5 day a week programs impress me most with feeling my working weight slowly climb.

    My wife is trying lifting. She is doing MWF. 1 lift per day Squat, Bench, DL. 5x5 increase 5lb every week. Shes been trying different body weight programs and made no progress in years and finally wants to try lifting. I suggested the MWF 5x5 as a way to start lifting slow and steady and build the habit. Her goals are mostly appearance focused at the moment. I've done my best to set expectation that it will take a lot of time, but shes about as determined as I've ever seen her. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm sure someone will point out that a 3 lift 5x5 progressive is better for starting, or some other program. But we're trying to avoid the soreness and difficulty at the start. More accurately I'm trying to avoid that. I want her to see lifting as something that makes you feel good about yourself instead of a labor amd painful thing she has to go through to get what she wants.

    Eitherway I'm still thrilled about my Rogue stuff I got in the spring. Might need another set of 45 bumpers for DLs. I hope. Lol.

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