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Thread: Setting up a 870

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    Just verifying, need to re-zero my 1301 & VCS 870 before I see Casanova @ a SG tuneup in a few weeks UNLESS he succumbs first to the massive throes of heat he's been experiencing lately.

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    In its final form:
    - VCS Big Dome safety
    - VCS 870 follower
    - Wolff +10% magazine spring
    - 18.5" XS Rifle Sights barrel
    - Surefire 618 with LED upgrade
    - Magpul SGA stock
    - Magpul SGA sling mount
    - 3M velcro on the receiver

    Ultimately I returned to no extension for this gun. I've had +2 and +1 extensions on the gun previously, but I prefer the balance and pointability of the gun with no extension. Four rounds is likely to be sufficient for my use (grab the gun, point it at the bedroom door, call 911 and wait), but if I feel so inclined I can slap a 5-round saddle on there.

    Given the prevalence of tight-patterning buckshot loads I was uncomfortable not having a rear reference for my front sight, so... I spent $240 on the factory XS rifle sight barrel. Realistically it's probably the least necessary part on the gun but I'm quite happy with it in dry fire. I've never been a shotgun shooter and the little bit of shooting this thing has seen yielded inconsistent results with FC buckshot and a bead (typically elevation errors).

    I picked up some dummy rounds and have been working the brass-up reloads detailed here. I've also been drilling myself to work the action immediately after pressing the trigger. I've not yet had a short-stroke in dry fire, but live performance remains to be seen.

    I do not feel a sling is necessary for my use but I nevertheless have some options if I decide to attach one for some reason.

    The only remaining may-purchase is a VCS side saddle. The 3M directly taped to the receiver doesn't inspire a lot of confidence over the long term. Nevertheless, it's a spendy upgrade for what it is so I'm still on the fence. At this point I don't know that I want to go with a permanently-mounted saddle, though a class environment may change (or reinforce) that opinion.

    The next step is a training class next month with Lee Weems, so I'll see how the gun shakes out after proper instruction on its use. I'll be bringing both Federal FC 00 buck and Remington LE 8-pellet buck with me to pattern the gun. My experience with FC buck in the past is that it's effectively a slug at HD distance. I'm curious if that's too much of a good thing, hence the Remington stuff.

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    I love my XS sights on my 870. Slugs and buck are dead on at 25 yards, but slug accuracy seems to become erratic after 25 yards (as opposed to my ghost ring sighted Mossberg). Expect 5" patterns at 15 yards with FliteControl/Versatite wad ammunition and 12" at 25 yards. Note that the IC choke opens FC patterns a bit compared to cylinder (5" vs. 3" @ 15 yards), but it's kind of a good thing for home defense, IMO. My crazy over bored cylinder 870 barrel shoots 4" patterns at 50 yards with #1 FC, which is a bit much.

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    I have the same barrel. Mine came with the rear sight off center to the left and hit left. Needed to center it up. Remington ......

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    I have the same barrel. Mine came with the rear sight off center to the left and hit left. Needed to center it up. Remington ......
    I bought a second XS sight barrel for my other 870. This one came with the wrong front sight blade, the one intended for the Express Tactical with the XS ghost ring setup. Slugs would impact 11" below point of aim. Had to return it, then the vendor ran out of stock, so ended up getting the 18" rifle sight with cyl. barrel. That one works great. Remington....
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