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Thread: What was the last TV Show or Movie you saw, and did you like it?

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    Pitch Perfect 2 and it was awesome.

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    While I usually have graphic realistic violence as a prerequisite for entertainment, I find myself looking forward to new episodes of PBS's Vicious and Starz's Blunt Talk. There's just something amusing about Gandalf doing gay snark(NWS) and Jean Luc Picard dropping F-bombs while Data plays the piano.
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    Mr. Robot. It's pretty awesome. Some very strong acting by the lead.

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    TV: Ray Donovan, Halt and Catch Fire, True Detective s2. Bosch was also pretty good.

    Movies: Fury Road was the last one we saw in theatre; worth it. It Follows was a pretty good flick, as far as scary movies go. Watched the Gunman a few weeks ago; didn't hate it, but it's too far past for me to remember what I really like about it...

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    Watched a few of Christopher Guest's comedies this weekend- "Best in Show", "Waiting for Guffman", and "A Mighty Wind"- which is basically "Spinal Tap" with folk music.

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    I've been binge watching Amy Schumer's show. That is some filthy, funny stuff.
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    Been watching Vikings on Amazon Prime. It's obviously a show about vikings, so that either intrigues ya or it doesn't, but it's pretty damned good. Been trying to get caught up with Sons of Anarchy but I keep getting distracted. Nyeti recommended Bosch, also on Prime, I really liked it. On Netflix, which I don't have, House of Cards is great.

    I don't really go see movies anymore, last one was Jurassic World. Not great but I enjoyed i, as a longtime fan of the franchise.

    ETA: Orphan Black, First couple seaons are also on Prime and they're great.
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    We've been watching True Detective season 1 and Tyrant season 2. Both are good.

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    I just finished the first season of "Narcos" on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

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    Ray Donovan continues to be very good. True Detective lost me a few weeks ago. Hell On Wheels is not bad this season, seems to be getting better.

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