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Thread: What was the last TV Show or Movie you saw, and did you like it?

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    What was the last TV Show or Movie you saw, and did you like it?

    Sometimes we watch Amazon Prime or go get a Redbox offering, or occasionally out to the theater to see a movie.

    Just wondering, what have you seen lately on TV or at the movies?

    Did you like it?

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    Last movie I saw at a theater was "Braveheart". We don't go to the theater much. Good movie. We don't watch much TV either.

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    "No Escape" with Owen Wilson & Lake Bell. A very good movie which had me on the edge of my seat several times.

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    Mr. Robot is the newest show I've seen, pretty edgy and new-age but lots of interesting, psychological stuff.

    Last good action show was Person of Interest - might fit the "action show" niche that some people like.

    If you guys have not seen The Americans, I'd highly recommend it.

    Edit; just to add, if you are into space/sci-fi but realistic stuff - Gravity with Sandra Bullock is pretty good.
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    We watched Tarantino's "Django Unchained" using Netflix streaming on the recommendation of our son-in-law.

    By my standards it was too long, and at times it seemed like it'd never end.

    In many ways it was cartoonish and of course very violent as well as occasionally funny. If you like to hear the N word a lot, this is the flick for you!!

    Overall we were glad we watched it, but I certainly wouldn't want to see it again.
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    It's a bit silly sometimes, but I enjoyed the first season of SyFy's "Killjoys." It's not on the same level as Farscape or Firefly, but it's fun.

    Regarding Gravity, I have to disagree with voodoo_man; I found it to be slow and very difficult to believe. Of course, the believability was probably harmed by the fact that my wife has some knowledge in that area and pointed out a lot of the flaws. Same deal as watching a movie including incorrect gun stuff with just about anyone who frequents this forum, I suppose. Even putting that aside, however, it still felt slow. YMMV, of course.

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    Last TV show watched was True Detective, season 2. Highly recommend.

    Last movie in theater was Mad Max: Fury Road. Also highly recommend.

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    Watched Bosch on Prime this week and loved it, and watched Mad Max Fury Road on BluRay yesterday and loved it as well.
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    Just finished season 2 of Stikeback on Amazon prime. I am disappointed season 3 appears to be pay only.

    eta, the Hercules movie with the (c)Rock in it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
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    The last thing I was completely engrossed by was "Generation War". The best war drama ever filmed, surpassing even "Saving Private Ryan" (which I thought would never happen). Just make sure you have six hours to finish the entire thing, or you'll be up late.

    Can't go wrong with "Downton Abbey". It's basically a trashy TV soap opera that's dripped in so much class it doesn't feel juvenile.

    "Gravity" is a coin toss that you'll either love, or hate. It's worth watching just to hear what all the fuss is about. If you're intimately familiar with orbital mechanics, it'll probably just irritate you, but its special effects are like... whoa.

    Oh, I'll add "August Eighth". It's a Michael Bay-style Russian action movie about the invasion of South Ossetia. The robots have nothing to do with the plot, and are just the kid's way of abstracting trauma (you'll think you're watching the wrong movie for the first ten minutes, so just stick with it). Lots of Russian equipment to ogle, and impossibly good looking leads.
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