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Thread: What was the last TV Show or Movie you saw, and did you like it?

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    Not sure, really
    John Wick 3 -
    Parabellum last night.

    Loved it.

    I laughed at some of the fight scenes - not because I thought little of them - but because I “knew” what was coming on some of them; kind of a reaffirmation of what I once used to do and still know (but could not execute).

    Some thought I was “crazy”, I’m sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
    We've been binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is so rare to find a comedy show that is consistently funny, but this one pulls it off! (Weapons handling is shite, but oh well... it's a comedy.) Available on Netflix.
    Didn't know it was on Netflix. I picked up Hulu to watch Letterkenny and have been watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine since. Agree wholeheartedly - it's one of my favorite comedies. Samberg and Crews are brilliant comedians in their own right, but Braugher's straight-man approach absolutely makes the series (especially when contrasted with the absurdity Samberg brings). I hope they never run out of material.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LOKNLOD View Post
    Saw it tonight. I really enjoyed it a lot. Recommend.
    I thought it was a fitting end to the series, and I enjoyed it as well. That said, the people who have said it could have been shorter are correct IMO. I felt that there were a large number of 5 minute scenes that could have been 3 minutes, 45 seconds that could have been 30, etc. Better editing and it could easily have been a 2.5 hour movie instead of 3 hours, and I believe it would have been better for it.

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    Just got back from a John Wick 3: Parabellum matinee. Freaking fantastic, of course.

    It did not help my burning craving for an optics-equipped pistol one iota.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FNFAN View Post
    Wick II was okay except for the gun selection scene.
    What are you talking about? That scene was the best one in the movie!

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    John Wick 3: By the time it came to the end, I was numb.
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    Apollo 11--the one made from the actual footage. It was incredible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtae07 View Post
    Apollo 11--the one made from the actual footage. It was incredible.
    It was indeed impressive.
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    Just got back from John Wick 3. Even at 7:00pm on a Tuesday night the theater was totally packed.

    Basically more of the same but they made it funny. Or some may say they tried to make it funny and failed. That's subjective but I thought it was funny.
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    Just finished the Netflix docu-series "Jailbirds" about the lives of (mostly female) inmates inside the Sacramento County Jail. Highlights include things like inmates making improvised dildos and bailing out their toilets to talk to each other through the plumbing (sometimes fishing contraband to each other).

    Supposedly the filmmakers were there to showcase the county's work rehabilitation programs, but they focused mostly on inmate drama which turned the documentary into a Sacramento Jail version of Orange is the New Black. While they probably tried to be fair and generally showed the COs in a favorable light, locals familiar with some of the heinous crimes will be turned off by the way the show almost glorifies some straight-up psychopaths.

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