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Thread: Lever Guns

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    I appreciate the feedback on the Model 94, for now I passed on it. Preferably Iíd like a model 92 in .357 if Iím buying a Winchester or clone.

    I did end up with a Marlin 1895 GBL for ďpre-CovidĒ pricing and may end up with a second more desirably configured 1895. If that happens Iíll probably let the GBL go. When it rains it pours I suppose, Iíll post some pictures as time allows. This is the most excited Iíve been about a new to me gun in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NPV View Post
    Preferably Iíd like a model 92 in .357 if Iím buying a Winchester or clone.
    They are a pain in the butt to strip, and the top ejection complicates the sight/mount situation. But that being said...

    I still miss my pet 92 trapper clone in .357 Mag. Being a Rossi, it took a lot of TLC to get it to where I was happy with it, but once I got it there, it was a fun, handy and relatively powerful little critter that I just loved to have tag along.

    (un VIEJO gato naranja... and still skeptical about humans)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost River View Post

    Such a great picture and a happy hound! Henry would be all up for that!

    I have actually seen a couple on Amazon that are bright orange, so he may get one to go with his harness.

    He will be easier to spot in the snow when he goes nuts chasing rabbits.
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    When I first got him I made the mistake of letting him chase a hare after hiking all day with a leash on. He was loving life for a half hour while I sat against a tree smoking my pipe. His baying stopped suddenly and did not restart.

    He didn't return and I couldn't find him for a day. When I did his leash was hung up on a stump. He sure was happy to see me after sleeping out in a thunder storm all night.

    I very seldom ever leashed him again

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    It makes me grin seeing you hump that ruck.

    That pup would have gotten along splendidly with Henry, and looks like another very Happy Hound. You can see it in the face. Such good dogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost River View Post
    It makes me grin seeing you hump that ruck.

    That pup would have gotten along splendidly with Henry, and looks like another very Happy Hound. You can see it in the face. Such good dogs.
    I normally just use that ruck for canoe trips and use my osprey atmos pack for hiking.

    Yeah, I miss Jack alot. He spent 10 years with me 24hrs a day.

    I dont think Ill ever be able to spend that amount of time with any person or animal again.
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    Anyways. Back to leverguns. I was flipping through the most recent natchez and saw a 1.5-5x20 leupold for $200. Which got me thinking that I need to buy my son a levergun to go with that scope. Im kicking myself for passing on the $400 marlin youth 336s last year.

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    New thumper acquired.......

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    I love the .45-70.

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    Back when I was a big kid, my uncle bought his sons 1894ís in 44 magnum. I always liked levers but was a broke big kid so I never bought one. Years later I found one for $450 and bought it but the carrier was wore out and soured the whole deal. I had it fixed and sold it for what I gave for it. I started wanting one again a few years ago and prices were climbing so I passed again.

    A few months ago I found this one for a reasonable price and wasn't gonna let another one go. I added the XS sights and it shoots great but I came up with an extra red dot so tonight I stuck it on and will see how I like it this weekend. Might have to kill a pig with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Cartwright View Post
    That Guy:

    Take a look at Skinner Sights. The owner is a friend, hard core gun guy and they make a great product. I dislike bead type front sights because I am habituated to using a post/flat top front sight blade. I added a Skinner dovetail front sight to a Winchester Model 94, painted the face orange and am really happy with it. Here is the link: "".

    I would like to thank both you for your recommendation and Skinner Sights for being an awesome company that makes a quality product.

    Based on your recommendation I went to look at their selection. Took a bit of hemming and hawing, but eventually I selected one of their brass front sights. The purchase process for a foreign customer such as myself simply could not be any simpler, and the shipping costs were quite reasonable as well. They clearly stated on their web page to expect a small delay before the ordered item was shipped, but I thought the delay was hardly worth mentioning - I think it was something like two days between making the order and receiving a tracking number. Excellent service all around. And once I received the front sight - wow! Very, very well made and the price for it was quite reasonable. The only critique I can make towards the company is that their web site could be a tad clearer, but I did manage just fine as it is. (Although had I realized in time they sold brass punches, I might have added that to my order. Oh well. If I get upset over the ding I made into the barrel, I'll just have to re-read some of Lost Rivers posts. )

    Of course this being the year 2021 the shipping of the sight became a clusterfuck of epic proportions. The sight somehow ended up in Tokyo where it remained for a very long time, before finally making its way to my country at which point customs promptly lost it for two weeks. And once customs was done messing around, the local postal service naturally had to try to one-up them in incompetence. All this is of course something that Skinner Sights has zero ability to control, the reason I write this is to explain why I took three months to write a reply to the above recommendation - the sight only arrived this week and I got it onto the rifle just today.

    I've yet to do any shooting with it, but trying it with different lighting conditions in the house I've noticed a few things. When I am in a low light area and I aim into a well lit area like out the window, the sights are of course silhouetted against the light and the sight picture is unchanged from stock sights. This is a good thing, as the sight picture in those circumstances is quite precise. With a light source behind me and aiming at a darkly colored object, the front sight does a great job catching the light and being very visible. Now unfortunately, with more diffuse and dim light the sight becomes quite difficult to see, so unfortunately it isn't quite as highly visible as just looking at the sight mounted to the rifle would suggest - as most of the big, shiny sight is hidden behind the rear sight with only the very tip being visible in the rear notch. Looking over the rear sight helps a little bit, since now the entire front sight is visible, but of course then bullet impacts go quite high. However, holding a flashlight in a 2 o'clock position... Wow! The front sight is as bright and visible as any red dot sight, making for a super easy to see and fast to align sight picture. I guess I really need to mount a light in that approximate location somehow...

    The original front sight before removal:

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    The end result:

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    All in all this new front sight seems to be a clear improvement over the stock sight. How big of an improvement, well, I probably won't have an answer to that until next autumn when gloomy weather rolls in again and I spend more time on the range after dark. (I do expect this sight to be fairly impressive sighting solution with an appropriate WML.) If nothing else, that new front sight sure looks impressive on the rifle!
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    My replacement hammer springs for my Win 94AE Trapper came in and I put the 13 lbs one in the gun. The trigger is now around 4 /12 lbs which is a big improvement.

    I took it out to the range to sight in the new Williams 5D-94SE rear aperture sight. This is the economy model with no targets knobs and the windage just has 2 screws to lock it down, you slide it back and forth to adjust. I got it sighted in at 40 yards then moved to 100 yards, where it hit 10" low. 250 gr 45 Colt is not what you call "flat shooting". Anyway, i got it dialed in at 100 yards so I'm satisfied with how it shoots off the bench.

    I had loaded some 200 gr rounds and found that they hit the same POI as the 250s so I will save the 250s for their deep penetration effect needed for our large ferocious Central Texas Whitetails . I actually shot my first deer with this gun many years ago.

    I found that I have about 1k 230gr XTP bullets on hand and I don't shoot 45 ACP pistol anymore due to Arthritis issues. Does anyone know if XTPs will work well a medium to high 45 Colt velocities? They have no cannelure and I'm not sure if the HP will get damaged in a tube magazine.

    My Spear manual shows a max of 890 fps for them in 45 ACP with Blue Dot and and a max of 1036 fps in 45 Colt with Blue Dot. Maybe I will try loading for around 950 fps and single loading them in the gun. I can load some empty dummy rounds to put in the tube mag and see how they hold up.

    I do have a full sized Vaquero I can run them in if the 94 doesn't work well.


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