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Thread: Lever Guns

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    I have a 30AW that was a Walmart 30-30 model with basic wood. I bought mine about 20 years ago from a friend's pawnshop. It was brand new still in the box. I think I paid $200. It's a blast to shoot and I would never sell it.

    I saw this a while back on Instagram. Madpigcustoms has been cerekoting and posting pics on Instagram of several Marlin lever guns recently that people are modifying. While I doubt I would do something like this to a lever gun, it seems to be done right if you want one Tacticool.

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    Any thoughts on Wild West Guns "Happy Tune Kit"?

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    I found something cool Saturday, at least to me. Laid back a Winchester 94AE in 30-30, 20Ē barrel. Whatís cool is itís a 100th anniversary rifle, so itíll match my 94 Trapper in 44 Mag thatís also a 100th anniversary model.

    Iíve e been wanting a 94 in 30-30 for a while, and passed on a couple of rifles that were in rougher shape. Glad I held out now.

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    Any thoughts on Wild West Guns "Happy Tune Kit"?
    I have their triggers in a couple of my Marlin 336's and like them. I am not sure they are huge game changers like a Timney Trigger in a Remington 700, etc... but they are nice and do improve the feel of the trigger. I have not used their ejectors as I have never had a factory one break. The kit is appealing though and I am tempted to go through my Marlins and upgrade one by one. I will save the original parts incase I ever want to convert them back to sell.

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    Henry .22 Magnum 20" Octagon Tubular magazine barrel.
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    my only lever gun

    My Winchester 1894 purchased in 1964. The guy I bought it from shot 5 rounds to sight it in, cleaned itand put it away. I bought it for $35.00.

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    This sexy beast is now out in the wild.....

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