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Thread: Post some music that you like

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    Post some music that you like

    I like music and I'm always curious as to what others like. A great song I remember from my youth:

    "I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn't wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine." - Bertrand Russell

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    I've been getting into Gotan Project recently. Chill reggae from Argentina.
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    Probably one of my absolute favorite songs, both to listen to and play on guitar.

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    Ziggy Moonshine & the Bootleggers

    Ziggy is a good friend from way back. I love him like a brother. His music is awesome. They just got picked up by a new label and are re-releasing their last album. You can find them on iTunes. He is based in the Houston, TX area so those of you in that area go see his live shows. He is at the Cypress Saloon all the time.

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    Damn it I can't figure out which link to post. If MOD wants to clean up my mess please feel free.

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    Baroness is a great band from Georgia that's a weird mix of southern tinged rock meets metal with a little bit of 60s trippyness to it. These two songs are effectively part one and two of the same song as they segue into one another and have common lyrical content about war and mortality and how to set it to totally rocking guitars. I've linked them since the video is the album art and the album art may not be appropriate for anyone browsing at work (that is, unless you work somewhere that doesn't look down on reubenesque naked women mostly obscured by large fish. I won't judge.).

    Baroness - The Steel That Sleeps the Eye
    Baroness - Swollen and Halo

    Horse the Band is what seems to be what happened when someone said "I liked the Nintendo and I like rock music. What happens if I try to do both at the same time?" And, in the case of this song, it's what happens when that band writes a song about a violent indian from Lonesome Dove. And perform in front of a bunch of lunatic Serbians. They may look like filthy hipsters, but it's pretty cool and unique rock/metal!

    Because I'm not just a long-haired metal head, here's some musical culture, as well. Sergei Prokofiev wrote and premiered his second piano concerto when he was only 21 or 22. It is factoids like this that inspire me, destroys my belief that I'll ever be adequate at anything, and then inspires me again. This is a massively technically challenging piece to play, so it gives you an idea of just how good his technique was when most people are still trying to binge drink and sleep past their 8 am classes. It is also just masterfully written; haunting and bittersweet. It was written in the aftermath of the suicide of a good friend of his whose final correspondence was addressed to Prokofiev. Russian taste being what it was at the time, the general consensus was that screaming cats made better music than Sergei. The poor man didn't perform it again for over a decade as a result.

    Because I'm sure we all need more inspiration and soul crushing, due to talent at an early age, how about some Felix Mendelssohn? He wrote his string octet when he was only16. At 16 I was just trying to get to the point where I could play the verse riff to Creeping Death without my hand cramping up. Mendelssohn, having already cranked out his famous string symphonies, graces the world with this absolutely beautiful and sublime piece. Mendelssohn may have been the world's greatest musical prodigy, all joking aside. Göthe had lived long enough and been in the right places to hear both Mozart and Mendelssohn perform as children and, as Göthe put it to Mendelssohn's teacher, "...what your pupil already accomplishes, bears the same relation to the Mozart of that time that the cultivated talk of a grown-up person bears to the prattle of a child." Sit back and enjoy.

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