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Thread: Ammo deals!

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    Today I stopped at two local shops, and saw plenty of .40 S&W on the shelves. Can the forum please stop suggesting 9mm to newbies? 🤣🤣

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    Precision Delta emailed that they have 9mm in stock.
    Not another dime.

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    Anyone in NOVA need 9mm ammo? Thinking about selling some of my stash for less than the insane prices right now to fund some other stuff.

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    Midway, Blazer 147gr fmg $519/1K at 7:00 a.m. this date, hard to believe that is a "deal" but in this environment maybe so.

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    Hardly a deal but its there

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    Federal Syntec $279 for 500 rounds.

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    For folks around Delaware, Ohio, Blackwing Shooting Center had plenty of 9mm. Brand was Belom 124gr, at $18.99 / 50. Daily limit was 10 boxes, and according to sources, they have skids of it....
    Just because it "feels good", doesn't mean it's best.

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    Not what I'd call a deal, but it's available as of this writing...
    Fed 115gr 9mm, $25/50 rounds

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    SGAmmo has more 9mm in stock than I've seen in months. Range ammo is $0.52 to $0.60 per round. Not a deal, but it's there if you really need it.

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    Freedom ammunition not to be confused with freedom munition

    [QUOTE=Kyle Reese;26136]Folks,
    Feel free to post any deals to be had for ammunition. [/QUOTE
    Has anyone ever order ammo from freedom ammunition? Not to be confused freedom muntions.

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