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Thread: Ammo deals!

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    Winchester Ranger T 9mm & .40 on sale!

    I just ordered 2 cases of the 9mm and the deal also includes free shipping.

    Winchester Ranger T RA9T for $219.99

    Winchester Ranger T RA40T for $249.99

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    Ammo deals!

    Feel free to post any deals to be had for ammunition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRISH View Post
    I just ordered 2 cases of the 9mm and the deal also includes free shipping.

    Winchester Ranger T RA9T for $219.99

    Winchester Ranger T RA40T for $249.99
    That is where I get all my Ranger ammo. Good people. Easy to deal with and very fast shipping.

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    Cases of 9mm CCI Blazer and American Eagle 124gr for $220 shipped.

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    Thanks for the links. Good price on the Rangers.

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    Natchez has a sale on Federal 5.56 right now. Got the email flyer this morning.

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    Ammo to go has 124 grain AE for less than 200 bucks.
    Nobody is impressed by what you can't do. -THJ

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    Anyone else have something to share? I need to place a large order in the next few weeks.

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    best price found and test results on 9x19 and .22LR ammo

    November 2011 ammmo pricing, no minimum order for price, but order large quantities to save on freight and watch warehouses shipped from, as each warehouse has separate shipping charges applied. My recommendations are in bold.

    Guns this 9mm ammo has been tested on:
    Kahr CM9; CW9
    Beretta PX4 Storm Full size; CX4 Storm carbine
    Glock 19; 26

    Everyday 9mm FMJ target ammo -- 6,000+ rounds so far: FTI = 0; FTF = 0; FTE = 6
    76867 9mm Luger RUAG Ammotec USA Precision 115 Grain FMJ, 1214 fps, 50 Round Box, Zinc Plated Steel Case $8.38

    Everyday carry defensive ammo -- 1,000+ rounds so far: FTI = 0; FTF = 2 on Kahr CM9 only; FTE = 1 on Kahr CW9 only
    AMM-406 9mm +P+ Federal 9BPLE Classic Hi-Shok 115 Grain JHP, 1300 fps, 50 Round Box $17.49

    9mm Ammo blind tested today, 100 rounds each. Based on accuracy results, recoil, smoke, failures (0), dirt level, etc. found no reason to buy any of these over the RUAG @ $8.38 /box. The primary thing that prompted this sampling was my wife's comment that she didn't like the smell of the RUAG. Interesting that in the blind test, she complained about the smell of the Sellier & Bellot ammo but not the RUAG. I liked the Sellier & Bellot because it came in the absolute smallest box I've ever seen for 50 rounds of 9x19, which means you can cram about 25% more into the same space in your range bag. But I can't rationalize that for $2 more per box. Plus, I watched a guy ahead of us fighting his way through a couple of boxes he was running through a Sig, and he was having FTIs that took 2nd and 3rd strikes to fire. Some never did fire. I was worried that I would have the same problem but didn't on the Beretta PX4, G19 and G26 used in the test. Could have just been a bad batch of primers at the factory.

    74012 9mm Luger PMC Bronze Full Metal Jacket 115 Grain 1150 fps 50 Round Box $9.99
    12848 9mm Luger Federal Independence Full Metal Jacket 115 Grain 50 Round Box $9.83
    61881 9mm Luger Sellier & Bellot Full Metal Jacket 115 Grain 1300 fps 50 Round Box $10.48
    63219 9mm Luger Blazer Full Metal Jacket 115 Grain 1145 fps 50 Round Box $10.71
    Dicks Sporting Goods 9mm Remington UMC 115 Grain FMJ 50 round box sale 50% off second box = $11.24

    .22 LR ammo

    Three loads recommended by Advantage Arms, Inc. for Glock .22LR conversion kit (at least for the G19 Gen4)
    Still have more testing to do on my AA kit, but so far CCI is best, but still trying to get FTE count down; Remington had more FTEs and some FTIs. Federal AutoMatch sucked! FTE on every round. This says more about the AA kit than the ammo though. For example, my CZ 75 Kadet has no problems with any of this ammo, or any other ammo I've fed it.

    Going to test the AutoMatch first on next run with clean, newly lubed gun

    63200 .22 Long Rifle CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity Gilded Lead Round Nose 40 Grain 1235 fps 100 Round Box $5.90
    66127 .22 Long Rifle Remington High Velocity Lead Plated Round Nose 40 Grain 1255 fps 100 Round Box $5.63
    36452 .22 Long Rifle Federal Champion Target AutoMatch Solid 40 Grain 1200 fps 325 Round Box $13.51

    2:33 PM 11/12/2011 UPDATE with tody's range results

    First, fired 240 rounds of Federal AutoMatch, starting with clean, HEAVILY oiled gun.
    Had 9 FTFs and 6 FTEs. Three out of four magazines had failures.

    Next, fired 100 rounds Remington HV, and had two FTEs.

    Finally, fired 120 CCI min-mags, and had zero failures.

    Conclusion: Avoid Federal AutoMatch and use CCI mini-mags if possible, with Remington HV as a less reliable alternate.
    Last edited by LeeC; 11-12-2011 at 01:47 PM. Reason: update with more test results from 11/12/11

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    Not an online deal, but I happened to be at Dick's Sporting Goods for the first time in quite a while the other night, and noticed that they had 115 gr Blazers for 10.99/box, a little cheaper than the Wal Mart Federal Champions. They've also got UMC for 9.99. I'm not a fan of UMC so I passed on those, but I picked up a bunch of the Blazers. Not sure if this is the case for all their stores; I was at their location in the West End of Richmond, VA.

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