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Thread: SCW2 - Training Journal

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    Tuesday week 3 means SHO. Skipped the malfunction clearances and replaced with extra reps of draw and fire from holster since I don't know enough about how to do those yet. Maybe I'll look it up this weekend and do some makeup reps. Did a few extra 2H draw and fire from holster too. Will be going to range later today hopefully so got my training in earlier this morning!

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    Week 3 Wednesday was retention shooting. Moved in closer to my target within 3 feet and practiced what I learned at FPF. Also tried a few times with having offhand just on my chest and out of the way. One time I grabbed my pistol and realized I had my support hand thumb on the slide, which could easily have caused a malfunction, so I just kept my hand off for now.

    I noticed that it was pretty easy to get decent hits at that range from retention if I had a base to shoot off of (eg putting magwell against my ribcage). I also had to shoot higher instead of just straight ahead given how high I put my target, the person would have been over 6 feet tall. Great to have anatomical features on the target this close in to get more confidence to shoot faster, especially when I was practicing multiple follow-up shots. Not too hard with side steps either as long as I kept my torso squared up with where I wanted my shots to go.

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    Week 3, Thursday = basic routine.

    Noticed my 1-handed shooting is improving. Probably can improve on my pressout to get a quick sight alignment/picture so may do extra reps later using the recent dryfire DOTWs. Also noticed that my support hand was tired today after practice, which means I didn't slack with gripping hard just because there is no recoil to control. I noticed this on my dry fire yesterday as well as the range trip. Range report to come later tonight after a break, and potentially extra reps using DOTW...

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    Belated upload for recent range trip on Tuesday. Fired a bit under 100 rounds, and gun is now up to 500 rnds total with no issues.

    Mostly just shot on 3x5 card from 3-5 yards, mostly focusing on grip, recoil management, getting good sight picture (# = shot + 1), and trigger reset. During slower fire worked for groups, and faster fire just focused more on grip, recoil and sight picture.

    What I noticed - not shooting left too much, just a bit, but shooting low consistently. Need to fix that I think but not sure what is causing that. When I really focus on the sight picture, grip and trigger press I get better groups/locations of hits.

    When I fire fast, I can get hits that are close to the 3x5 card, but not super tight groups. Good enough though to hit COM in a self defense situation, so can dial up the speed at closer ranges.

    Did a good job of gripping tight with off hand - hand was tired at end of range trip.

    Need to focus more on trigger control/press, not anticipating or flinching.

    Need to get into a more aggressive stance to manage recoil better, was too lazy during dry fire to stay too upright and that carried over into live fire.

    started 5 shots @ 3 yd - need to not anticipate. Also always lost concentration on at least one shot, and ended up with a bad group

    5 shots @ 5 yd - need to slow down, fired a bit fast and was anticipating more. couldnt' really see the colors on the card but had to 'guess' where the target was so really needed to focus harder here than I did

    ended with 5 shots @ 3 yd - did a better job of focusing and didn't rush my shots as much since some of the previous shots were fired at a faster pace. Better groupings than earlier but wish I had achieved tighter groups. Need more focus and trigger control.

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    Prior pictures didn't load so here we go, in order:

    5 shots @ 3 yd

    5 shots @ 5 yd

    5 shots @ 3 yd

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    Friday was shooters choice. I need more practice in basic reps and movement, so I repeated the first Friday's drill on movement. Really need to focus on watching the magazine go into mag well during reload. Need to fight wanting to look back up at target which can lead to the equivalent of a catcher dropping the ball in football due to taking their eyes off the ball and starting to look where they're going to run. Priority is to move while reloading, THEN look up.

    Friday, movement
    1. 10 reps of Wall Drill from press-out, 2H
    2. 10 draws stepping right, 3/4 speed, 2H
    3. 10 draws stepping left, 3/4 speed, 2H
    4. 10 reloads stepping right (reload on the move), 3/4 speed, 2H
    5. 10 reloads stepping left (reload on the move), 3/4 speed, 2H
    6. 10 reps of Wall Drill from press-out, 2H

    Felt good so did another Mr White DOTW. Observations will be shared on that link instead.

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    Week 4 Monday = Basic routing. 50 wall drills from extension and pressout. I'm noticing that my one-handed shooting appears to be better than when I first started, so that's a definite plus! Also tend to do a better job of gripping tightly in 2H with my support hand even though there is no recoile when dry firing. Need to keep that up as well, maybe add some CoC grippers for additional strength.

    One thing I'll want to do extra reps of (in addition to movement) is the press out and draw. Worked on the timer again a bit and can get hit at 1.5 sec with an unconcealed OWB range holster at about 3-5 yd both stationary and with a sidestep. Feel better than the first time I did it and will add this to my practice. I do notice sometimes I get sloppy on the master grip or getting a good pressout from high compressed ready, and those definitely impact my accuracy and speed. I did make a conscious decision to improve my grip if the initial attempt was bad instead of drawing anyways as practice progressed, but definitely an area to improve on.

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    Dryfire before dinner!

    Week 4 Tuesday = WHO shooting. This will be good practice, though I mixed in some SHO shooting when I needed a quick break from my WH side getting tired. Extra reps didn't seem to hurt. Felt like I am getting better control, will just need to start thinking of ways to measure progress when I'm dry firing. Maybe will incorporate timers or increasing distances with my laserlyte.

    Also feel like I could go longer, so may do an extra practice session later tonight!

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    Did an extra practice session since I had a lot of energy left after running errands. Feel like the two main areas I struggled in while under time pressure is having a consistent press out that allows me to quickly find my front sight, and getting a consistent grip (due more to using a crappy belt currently). Worked on multiple reps of meeting me support hand and getting more consistent with press outs. Will likely add this as one of my extra drills whenever I want a 2nd practice in the day.

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    Week 4 Wed was low light. Good thing that I was seeing benefits of SHO practice since one had was holding the flashlight. Notes:

    1. Pretty easy to track night sights in dark doing a pressout. Just jumps out at you. Of course, can't see target nearly as well.
    2. Made sure to scan for threats, which made me focus on the hands of my practice target, throwing one shot off. I think it's good reminder that I need to do more simulations like this, with multiple targets and no-shoots maybe set up in a room to quickly scan and look for targets but still train myself to focus on my sights as I press out and fire.
    3. My flashlight (below) sucks. The button was inconsistent and the lanyard is a danger to get stuck in my trigger guard. I will need to figure out what to get (surefire? sure are expensive though...)

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