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Thread: SCW2 - Training Journal

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    Sunday practiced drawing from OWB holster. Used a dry fire routine I saw from Tom Givens. Will go back to Todd's basic dry fire routine Monday and use weekends for extra practice or make-up any missed weekdays.

    Tom's dry fire routine was basically breaking down the draw stroke into draw to ready, bringing gun up to get a sight picture and remove slack, from ready press off good hit, from holster draw and remove slack from trigger, then finally draw from holster and press off a good hit. I did at least 10 good reps of each step.

    Monday went back to Todd's routine and did the basic routine (plus a few extra reps), which got me a bit over 60 good reps in. Made sure these reps included resetting the trigger and getting a good sight picture.

    Then I repeated Tom's dry fire routine from yesterday.

    What to work on:
    Good and precise manipulation of the pistol from holster to getting a good press in.
    Work on clean trigger press every time (will focus on this next time I get out to the range, and focus on groups from 3-7 yards)

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    Week 1, Tuesday working on draws. Got 60 good reps in, with bad reps not counting towards the goal. Still need to focus on getting a good off-hand grip even when dry firing, though it probably it sticking better since my hand is somewhat tired this time. It seems like I relax that hand more when I'm just getting reps on the trigger, but having to establish a grip on draws helps me keep the grip in OH stronger. Just need to be more conscious about it in dryfire. Also my trigger press and sight alignment felt better today, but there were times I got sloppy. One thing I've noticed is that when I switched to my target at 3 yards sometimes I cheat on focusing on sight/trigger since I know I can get hits that are 'good enough' but really need to remain disciplined in practice to get good fundamentals down.

    It might be more beneficial to get hits that are 'good enough' at the range where I can focus on recoil and getting that follow-up sight picture and follow through to the trigger reset. That would really allow me to test how fast I can press the trigger on a follow-up shot when all things are considered at various distances....

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    Performed reload practice yesterday evening, but today didn't get too much dedicated practice. Just a few minutes of wall drills 2H both with and without pressout. Will need to make up an extra session of the basic routine for Thursday.

    It was a bit hard to do great practice without a magazine holder since it's harder to grab the magazines that are tucked into my waistband, but still got good reps in. Noticed I'm slow at moving into my pressout after hitting the slide release since I do those actions sequentially instead of concurrently, so that's something to be conscious about next time I practice reloads.

    Reloads from Wednesday:
    Wednesday, reloads
    1. 10 reps of Wall Drill from press-out, 2H
    2. 20 reps reload from slidelock, slow, 2H
    3. 20 reps reload from slidelock, 3/4 speed, 2H
    4. 10 reps reload from slidelock, slow, 2H
    5. 10 reps of Wall Drill from press-out, 2H

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    Slacked on updating journal.

    Did the basic routine yesterday. Started to tweak when I disengage thumb safety, switching it from as I draw from holster to when I'm beginning the press-out. Also tweaked how I holster to include thumbing the safety, index finger remains unchanged but making 100% sure that I keep it under the engaged safety as well. Also make it a point to angle the holster/gun away from my leg as I start holstering.

    Caught up today on the movement. First time trying this so sort of awkward, but it will help as I get more reps in and will be able to pick up on things I can improve in the future. Currently just working to make sure everything is precise as possible.

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    Monday means basic routine got 60 good reps in. Felt good so did extra work on drawing by breaking down eat step and then adding it back together, and some movement too at the end. Think draw to first shot is 2-2.5 seconds but hard to tell since I'm visually looking at a running time on my smart phone. Makes me realize how fast OAK is with his .6 from aiwb...

    Looking forward to a range trip sometime soon for some live fire.

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    Week 2 of Todd's dry fire routine. Worked mostly on draws today. Got 60 good reps in, then did some more practice afterwards on just breaking down the different components of the draw and also incorporating small movement since it felt really awkward the first time I tried it this past Friday. Also noticed my WHO shooting was especially shaky for some reason, so will try to get some more 1H shooting in next time when I decide to put in a few extra reps after Todd's routine.

    Hoping to get a live fire trip in next week sometime to see how my marksmanship, recoil management and visually capturing the sight picture has progressed. Wonder how frequently I should be doing live fire given the time and monetary costs of going to the range...

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    Performed the reloads section of Todd's dry fire routine. Hand was getting tired from continuously locking my slide, so maybe will benefit from breaking this up into two sessions instead of 1 in the future, or maybe mixing half and half with the basic routine over two days. Otherwise, got some good practice in.

    I think I need to be more conscious about multi tasking. For example, hitting the slide release as I start my pressout. Feels faster/smoother throughout the practice session though, so I can see that this practice will help a lot since I'm not normally practicing that many reloads while at the indoor range.

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    Been busy so just did basic wall drill last two days. Will take today off. Need to go too range this coming week to see how dry fire has helped with my abilities.

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    Ended up doing some additional wall drills, but didn't complete the entire basic routine. Also had a gripper while driving 5 hours today. Should maybe add a more formal routine for grip strength versus randomly doing it occasionally. Also might need to actually get decent grippers instead of the cheap ones I have now...

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    Start of a new week means basic routine for week 3. Simple enough, feel better this week with my one handed shooting. I'll need to make up make up a day this week as I plan to go to a range to work on live fire. Guess I'll work on getting good groups, trigger reset, and tracking the sights through recoil.

    Ended up with some extra time so practiced drawing from my OWB holster. Also got an online timer for free and did some practice on timed draws. I figure I'll do this with extra time occasionally to see any improvements. I was able to easily get very accurate single shot off within 2 seconds at 7 yards, and reasonably able to get off a pretty accurate single shot at ~3 yd at 1.5 seconds, though occasionally would come in slightly above that or be slightly rushed on the shot. I'll dial back the timer next time, maybe to 1.7 sec. This will be useful to track my progression with drawing from the holster. I'll need to get lots and lots of slow reps to just build the muscle memory, but one thing I realized is I struggle to find the front sight when I'm pressing out. I should slow down to see where I'm going wrong sometime.

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