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Thread: SCW2 - Training Journal

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    SCW2 - Training Journal

    Brand new shooter with three range trips which basically involved spraying bullets randomly before trying to learn how to shoot properly. No real prior experience. Will be learning on a CZ 75 SP-01. Started with 1 month dry fire.

    Current goal is to really drill and master the fundamentals before worrying about the more advanced skills.

    Why anyone would read this journal, I really do not know. On the off chance they do, any feedback on training and development is always appreciated.
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    Copying notes from first trip to the range after 1 month of dry fire. Notes taken from range log for 6/6. Purpose of trip was two-fold. First was to break in and test gun functionality. Second was to get feedback on my 1 month of dry fire with live ammunition.

    Drill: 3x5 index card @ 3 yards, 6 shots at a time

    Rounds fired: 60

    Notes from trip: Mixed success but felt promising given this was my first time. Had one really nice group that could have fit on a penny which will give me something to work towards.

    For future practice: Realized I should be de-cocking then doing DA/SA pairs. Want to learn to focus on good sight picture and front sight, making sure not to lose my focus on the front sight.

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    Second trip to range with my CZ75 on 7/14.

    Drill: 3x5 index card at 3-5 yards, 6 shots at a time alternating DA/SA
    Rounds fired: 140

    Notes: Had practiced a lot of dry fire since last range trip. Felt like I was not focused today and rushed a lot of shots, leading to nice groups with 5 shots and 1 flyer. The DA/SA transition didn't feel too bad but I wasn't firing too fast. Really struggled today with maintaining focus on front sight and rushing shots. Also need to correct my POA as it often drifts down. Need to make sure I'm maintaining strong grip in off-hand all the time, even if I'm firing slowly.

    For future dry fire practice: Slow down and get good deliberate so that I don't have to remember to focus on front sight and smooth trigger pull when in live fire. Will start logging dry fire practice so I can go back and see what's working and what isn't in my dry fire practice when I have trips to the range and things go well or poorly.

    For next range trip: Should attempt to call shots in future and maintain a good grip to get good recoil management. Do not rush shots, instead work on tight groups.

    Also finally signed up for a beginner course and will get trained on the basics this Thursday. Focus may change based on immediate feedback from the training. Really excited to learn what I'm doing wrong/right and get tons of targeted dry fire practice to address weaknesses.

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    First day of practice after hitting the range, and two days before first formal training. Just followed Todd's Dry Fire Routine, as I need to do something other than just pull the trigger to get better planning and feedback.

    Things I noticed were that my WHO shooting is atrocious, SHO was better but with occasional flinch, 2H freestyle was pretty good when I had a nice firm grip with my offhand. Occasionally I'd get lazy and then when a random flinch occurs, I'd see movement. Great reinforcement to both grip harder and work the trigger cleanly.

    I'll do this same practice again tomorrow since this seems to work fundamental trigger pull and grip more which will prepare me well for a day-long class.

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    Wall drills again today to prep for first handgun training ever tomorrow! Added extra reps and removed pressouts for 1H shooting since I realized my form is probably really bad and need to focus on trigger work there more. Remembered from yesterday to work the supporting hand grip when shooting 2H.

    Will need to spend the rest of the night relaxing, getting gear together, and maybe watching a video or two on fundamentals to mentally prepare.

    20 reps 2H
    10 reps SHO
    10 reps WHO

    20 reps 2H pressout
    10 reps SHO
    10 reps WHO

    20 Reps 2H only

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    Took my first training class today with Gary at FPF. AAR to come in the future when I get some more time to gather my thoughts. Spent the day reviewing basics and then shooting drills. Will be focused on the latter portion for the purposes of my journal entry...

    Various shots fired from 0 yd, 1.5 yd, 3 yd, 5 yd, 7 yd. Wasn't too uncomfortable with getting hits, but many were slightly low/left. Need to work on the following as relates to fundamentals: trigger control, follow through, focusing on front sight, getting a solid and good consistent grip. This will be main focus of dry and live fire. Dry fire will be continued using Todd's routine, and live fire will probably involve shooting groups from 3-7 yards at the range, with the option of practicing pressouts at the same time.

    In addition, I will want to practice drawing from the holster in dry fire since this was the first time I've been taught the mechanics. Will be able to do most of the dry fire routine shared by Todd, but I don't know how to draw and shoot from a holster with one hand only. I'll be replacing those with either regular one-handed shots, or get extra reps of 2H.

    Another thing to keep in mind was my shot groups got noticeably worse as the day got late. Good reminder to end training or break if I ever see that in dry or live fire....

    Will plan on dry fire practice the next several days!

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    Unfortunately can't get the edit function to work, so had to make an extra post. Had a few extra thoughts as I was processing the day while falling asleep yesterday. Noticed two things that I hadn't before when I'd previously gone to do the range (granted I had fired <500 rounds of ammunition in my life prior to today, with about 300 of those being useless rounds as far as improving and training goes...)

    1. A few times could see as shot was breaking that it was going to be off. Should be more focused on getting the sight picture as shot breaks.

    2. A few times with a strong grip in offhand and neutral pressure laterally, I saw the front sight move up when the shot broke, then drop right back in between the rear sights on target. Should work on my grip and trying to see this more consistently for fast follow-up shots. Try to remember if I take X shots, that I'll see X+1 sight pictures.

    3. Related to 2, but need to drill perfect follow through and trigger press in dry and live fire more often. Having the sights drop back right on target in is useless if you aren't ready to fire again immediately without the trigger manipulation throwing off the shot. Strong grip probably helps here, too.

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    Friday was a bit pressed on time so just did a few reps of basic 2H wall drill with and without pressouts.

    Today I started to practice by getting 20 good 2H trigger press in and resetting the trigger. Then I started adding in practicing draw from the holster. Focused on getting good master grip, manipulating the safety, and getting a good weak hand grip. I did a combination of 2-3 shots after the draw to practice getting a reset and shot+1 sight picture. Ended with about 20 practices focused no the draw and 1 shot only. Will see if I have more time tonight to practice drawing more, with extra focus on master grip, safety manipulation, and getting a strong weak-hand grip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scw2 View Post
    Brand new shooter with three range trips which basically involved spraying bullets randomly before trying to learn how to shoot properly. No real prior experience. Will be learning on a CZ 75 SP-01. Started with 1 month dry fire.

    Current goal is to really drill and master the fundamentals before worrying about the more advanced skills.

    Why anyone would read this journal, I really do not know. On the off chance they do, any feedback on training and development is always appreciated.
    Just to let you know I find your journal interesting. First off you admitted you have shot very little and have no experience and you want to master the fundamentals before moving on to the more advanced concepts. I think its great you started with a month of dry fire, then took a 101 class.

    Sounds like you have been hitting it hard, so be careful as time goes on you keep the focus and don't start just going through the motions. Continue to work hard and keep it fun so you don't get burned out and can maximize your mindset and training time. Sometimes wanting to train and NOT training is better than actually training, because it keep you hungry. Also keep in mind working as hard as you are you will probably get to a certain level rather quickly, but then hit a wall. When this happens don't get frustrated.

    Not that I am an expert, but I am still amazed by people I talk to and hear about that buy a gun, take a very basic class that satisfies CCW requirements, or better yet take the online course, shoot maybe 100 rounds, AND consider themselves Good To Go

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    Thanks for the encouragement and advice BJXDS. What you said makes a lot of sense from my experience when I used to compete in sports sports, and now when I'm just trying to stay in shape. You can't "cram" training in at the last minute, but there is also taking it to the other extreme and over doing it.

    Part of why I actually trained so much recently is that I actually enjoy training and getting better, but you're right that I'll need to manage expectations when I hit a short-term plateau and not get discouraged. On a more tactical/practical level, I've also realized that while I naturally try to be aware of my surroundings when I'm out and about, getting actual training in understanding how to identify, avoid and de-escalate potential problems in the real world is a gap I need to account for. I guess that's not really the primary focus of this training journal, but something I'll need to actively seek to improve on as well as that's probably as important as any training I may want to pursue with armed or unarmed defense.

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