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Thread: FBI lawsuit concerning S&W 1076

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    I'm also curious, pat701 - could you tell us more about this, and how you came to know that, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    It was part of a broader civil rights suit, Hansen v. Webster:

    The gun stuff was actually part of a federal civil service hearing rather then an actual lawsuit. I believe it was in the early 1980's and involved revolvers, long before the 1076.
    With that link no longer being in service and not having been able to find an archived nor cached copy of the pdf; does anyone have a downloaded copy that they'd be able to share or rehost?
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    At various times I have carried a 4566, 4006, and 5906 without issues--all are about the same size and weight of the 1076....
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    Quote Originally Posted by runcible View Post
    With that link no longer being in service and not having been able to find an archived nor cached copy of the pdf; does anyone have a downloaded copy that they'd be able to share or rehost?
    I believe I have a copy back home; however, Iím on the road for another day or so. Iíll try to get you a copy then.

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    Much appreciated - I'd be grateful for that, and no rush!
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    "Like most investigative slots, if you can run a computer, telephone, fax, and coffee maker and know how to get information out of people in interview/interrogation that's 95% of your day."

    I gotta somehow bring that thought to the attention of our detective bureau . . . .

    And the whole issue of gun size -- why was this even a thing? It's quite obvious that people have different hand sizes, and that people with small hands might not be able to shoot big guns as easily. The width of the grip and the reach from the backstrap to the face of the trigger is critical to fitting the gun to the shooter's hands.

    A guy I used to work with had worked for a nearby Sheriff's Office in the 1970s and the issue gun was a S&W 28. Mac is a short Irishman with small hands. They wouldn't let him change the grips on his N frame because "liability" . . .

    I started teaching firearms in the local regional police academy in 1988. Our average class size was right about two dozen, and we would always have at least two students (usually females but not always) who had small hands and who struggled with shooting as a result. If they had a revolver, our solution was always to get them a set of the Pachmayr "Professional" grips with the exposed backstrap. That reduced the reach to the trigger enough for most people. (Almost all our revolver shooters came through with some variety of S&W K frame revolver)

    I started teaching the Academy right as local agencies were beginning to transition to the auto pistol. My current agency switched from S&W 66s to Sig 226s. And then hired a couple of females with small hands. The department issued handguns, and I convinced the Chief to issue Sig 225s to anybody who had small hands. That worked reasonably well.

    The school bought a couple of S&W 3906s and a 3913 to accommodate students with small hands. Those were shot until frame failure. Then they acquired a bunch of Glock 17s to issue to pre-service candidates who were not yet on a department and did not have issued or specified weapons yet. I convinced them to send two of the guns off to Arizona Response Systems to get grip reductions done. I haven't taught there for about five years so I'm not sure if they still have those guns or not.

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