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Thread: Can You Recommend a Decent Chest Rig (Made in US)???

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    Lot of good steering already going on but I'll add some details.

    I have a plate carrier for work. I carry a magazine loadout on it and, for a bunch of years, trained loading from the leftmost pouch and then backfilled across as required. I bought a chest rig (an old SKD/Eagle combo that I really like) to train with when i didn't want to be lugging the armor around.

    Fast forward a 10 years and I realized how much more efficient I am with a belt mounted pouch (yeah, I'm a little slow). Likely a benefit of all the cross pistol training, but regardless... that's now my primary reload and I backfill it from the chest if I'm kitted up.

    And, btw, I still use the chest rig as a dedicated SAR setup and would highly recommend it if you're stuck on the original idea. They don't make an identical one anymore I don't think, but there's one that's VERY similar in their PIG line.

    ETA... Had to look it up; it's called the PIG UCR (universal chest rig).

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    I have a TT MAV, a BFG rack minus, and a 10 speed, all of which have been mentioned I think.

    All good rigs. I think if it was for infrequent use I'd grab the 10 speed and call it a day.

    Watch for mint used ones in last season's colours fot cheap. I paid $40 shipped. No discernible wear despite having probably been posed in repeatedly.
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    Check out ATS tactical gear. I have
    used one of their lo profile chest rigs in several classes. It comes with three mag pouches and two admin pouches built in. I put first aid kit in the right admin pouch and gun oil, extra ear plugs and what ever in the left pouch. I ran it with a shingle attached for a total of six rifle mags for a Hackathorn class but I found I like it better with just the three rifle mags

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    I agree on the HSGI belt with taco pouches. Their customer support is great as well. If your set on chest rig I'd suggest Tactical Tailor or Haileys D3. 8 mags is a lot for a class in one rig really my chest rig holds 6 and I generally just feed my belt outta those pouches. Just my thoughts. And order early a lot of companies have wait times on their gear.

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    Thanks guys - looking at all the options mentioned and checking the classifieds on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Ralston View Post
    Thanks guys - looking at all the options mentioned and checking the classifieds on the forums.
    Call me when you get a chance. I can probably just send you something to use and then you can decide what you like and don't like.

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