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Thread: Glock Picture Thread

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    Dave at did the chop/stipple. He was able to make this, and a 19 point the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Mutt View Post
    Gorgeous grip work, Janitor, who did it?
    I attempted something along the same theme---sans chop and a true reduction---and was lucky to come up with this very modest result.

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    I had a Glock 19.4 that had significant wear on the slide from it's kydex holster. The gun had thousands of rounds through it and for a time was my duty weapon. I've always wanted to try Robar's NP3 and this seemed like a great excuse. Checking their site I saw they have a newer, better version called NP3+ so I sent in the slide.

    Got it back and it looks incredible! Not that appearance is the most important thing, but the finish is smooth as butter, even, and looks like it left the factory this way. They reinstalled all the slide parts and my sights. I will be hitting the range this weekend to make sure it functions - though I have no doubt it will.

    I've always liked the way stainless slides look on black framed pistols. I missed out on getting an HK USP in stainless so the Glock was my next best option. Turn around was quick and painless - I will do business again with Robar. I have no connection to the company at all other than being a satisfied customer.

    Unless you have a large, tubular optic on your pistol, front slide serrations are dumb and cosmetic. It pains me to see armed professionals get so excited over them.

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