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Thread: Long gun deals...

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    Long gun deals...

    If anyone has a line on an online distributor offering a good deal pertaining to long guns, feel free to post it here.

    DSG Arms is offering Colt 6920's for $995, HERE

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    I do need another one, I do need another one.......

    Sigh.....let me count my shekels.....

  4. #4 has a bunch of Colts in stock now @ amazing prices. There are a few criteria for ordering from them but many people on this forum meet them.

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    PSA 16'' PA-15CR MOE Carbine
    Special Price: $799.99

    Availability: In stock

    Quick Overview

    16" barrel length
    5.56 Nato Chamber
    1 in 7" twist
    Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel
    Chrome lined barrel
    Forged upper and lower
    Magpul front and rear BUS
    12" Midwest Industries SSG2 Free Float Rail
    Magpul MOE grip, trigger guard and stock

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    Buds has Adams Arms piston driven AR with blem $ 599.00

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    Not sure how long it's going to last but BCM is including a BCG and for some models, their Mod 0 Comp installed for free with their uppers.

    BCM Enhanced Light Weight Fluted 16" barrel with 13" KMR rail, BCG, Comp Mod O installed, and Mod 4 charging handle for $760 to my door

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    Palmetto is offering 6720's again for $799.
    I got mine last week -- nice rifle. Not as many extras included as I've seen some mention (no sling), but it does come with a rear magpul sight and a 20 round p-mag. Seems like a heck of deal to me.
    Shoots well.

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    It ainít over till the fat lady sings.
    uneducated and low information
    I'll wager you a PF dollarô 😎
    He needed a healthy dose of bonded bullets. LSP552

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