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Thread: CCW Straight knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianB View Post
    The Clinch Pick is specific to training that SouthNarc gives?
    In SouthNarc's Edged Weapons Overview (EWO) class he goes how strike with a knife held in reverse/sabre grip and edge in/out. Someone even brought a push dagger trainer and he went over that for a little bit. Some of the techniques covered lend themselves well to the design of Clinch Pick, but it certainly isn't a class devoted to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianB View Post
    So this is almost in opposite of philosophy of the weapon choice to Clinch Pick? As far as length of the blade?
    Not really. Craig and I actually share a ton of ideas, we often just get there differently. I actually use a ton of blade in stuff. Here is the "DB" thought on when I put input in on a design they are set up for the grip to allow the knife to be run in any direction. Blade up,blade down, edge in, edge out,doesn't matter. These are crisis deployed contact weapons and I want the ability to cut or stab no matter what the situation gives me....which can also change during an encounter. I also carry knives differently. I am a big neck knife person,which negates a Pikal set up. Equally at other times I will carry in different places along the waistline that can change optimal deployment orientation. Just a "thing" with me, and the HiTS was designed with this in mind. The Pikal blades tend to be one trick ponies. I am also a big lover of the Karambit, which is also a one trick pony. Nothing wrong with it,but training has to be oriented to that design and maximizing the efficiency for that design.
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    I carry a SOCP on me at at all times. It will ride in the original sheath slightly off center when I'm also carrying my pistol. When for whatever reason I am unable to carry a gun, I move my SOCP to my right (strong) side, also slightly off center. The original sheath works more than fine. The length of the dagger enables a really easy and smooth AIWB carry. I took the class with Greg back in 2011 and have been carrying it since. Although the dagger was not purpose built to sit AIWB, it does so without any issue.

    Recently, Benchmade came out with the serrated single edged version. I picked one up due to varying laws from state to state in that regards. The non edged side is that in name only. Benchmade basically didn't polish it and then applied the coating.
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    I have the SOCP as well and it is easily concealed. My only concern with it is that the handle is quite thin and can twist in your hand. Also, I did not like the fact that you can not cut with it as it comes direct from Benchmade, easily rectified by sharpening the edges.

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    This helps a lot
    Quote Originally Posted by Wondering Beard View Post
    What either of those knives can do is only limited by your knowledge, training and imagination.

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    I've trained with nyeti. I've been in several classes with and chatted with Joe quite a bit. Two smart guys came together with a hell of an idea that was very well executed. I am a big fan of the HiTS and carry some version of it daily.

    Initially I dismissed the SOCP after handling the BM version in a LGS. Since then I have considered trying one as a weak side pocket carry instead of a folder on those lower profile days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyeti View Post
    The one thing that struck was the folks who were put down the hardest were those who were stabbed with deep penetration injuries rather than those who were cut.
    Quote Originally Posted by SouthNarc View Post
    The blade length on the CP is a by-product of the footprint. I'm thrust-centric and power heavy. Monkey with a screwdriver is the best visual.
    So here you are both saying the same thing. Thrust not slash. What is blade length on SouthNarcs knife and what is the blade length on the HiTs knife.

    Quote Originally Posted by Default.mp3 View Post
    SouthNarc has a larger blade, compared to the Clinch Pick.
    Now I am really confused. I thought SouthNarc's blade is called a Clinch Pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianB View Post
    Now I am really confused. I thought SouthNarc's blade is called a Clinch Pick.
    Shivworks (southnarc's company) has the clinch pick design, the disciple desgin, and a collaboration with Michael Janich and spyderco called the reverse. Any of these knives would work in SN's system.

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    Or just buy a cheap kitchen knife or folding Buck knife and stab 'em like a ghetto-pro.
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    I'm trying to decide between a Clinch Pick and an Izula II ... Things that I think would matter most to me are ease of concealment, handle length and depth of the finger groove behind the blade.

    Any thoughts?

    And, yeah, I'll probably end up with both LOL.
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