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Thread: If you were going to run 10k carrying rifle, pistol, ammo, how would you do it?

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    I really enjoyed the format and I think it made the race more open to people who with strengths in shooting (there were a few older guys who walked the whole thing) or running (like myself). The MD Adam Maxwell said on the 3 Gun Show podcast the format was based on a type of dirtbike competition. Additionally, if you hit all the targets you could re-engage so some people got 9 hits on that long range stage, which was seriously impressive.

    The downside was that it made the whole thing difficult to plan. The distance of the loop and stage design weren't known or published beforehand, all we knew was 15 sec par times. I'm not sure if Adam wanted it mysterious or just didn't know himself, I think it's the latter. We had to adjust that morning setup because the trap fields was open, he wanted the course to go longer. All of that resulted in myself and most people carrying way too much ammo. But that was a fun part of the whole thing too, managing your magazines and trying to gauge where you were at. Luckily or not, depending on how you look at it, the other rifle stage ran slowly (two plate racks to set up then engage from a tower) so there was always a line, so I loaded up mags while waiting. The morning flight had fewer people so they didn't have to wait and therefore got more laps in, so that was another uneven part of the competition.

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    2 months out- how's everyone doing?

    I'm all geared up with my new HPG kit bag. I've got some 500 yard rifle practice and a few USPSA matches on the calendar to keep up with shooting. Other than that I'm on a CrossFit/Rucking/Running training regimen. Trying to increase both weekly miles and hours out in the heat either running or rucking.
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    Other than weekly shooting sessions, haven't been doing any rng specific training yet.

    Mrs. FOG and I are doing a trail race in Arkansas in two weeks so I've been focused on that the last 4 months. 40-60 miles/ week and 9 runs of 20 miles or more including 3 marathons. If mt legs don't turn to jelly, I should be okay come July!

    Gear wise, I bought a AWS LAB belt to use if the HPG kit bag proves to be too hot for the July heat. Their belt system is ingenious. I've used it during shooting drills but haven't ran with it much, yet. I may use the AWS for the bolt rifle leg and the HPG for the AR leg, both with their own hydration packs, that way I could just drop one and grab the other and take off.

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