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Thread: The 40cal on its way out?

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    Sorry boss...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtcarm View Post
    Guess again. S&W J-frames are hugely popular. Kimber & Colt didnít decide to start producing small-frame .38/.357s just to see if they could. I believe RIA introduced a carry revolver recently as well.
    Should have placed some "quotes" around that or some other a revolver man who often carries a 640 pro, I hardly think .38/.357 is dying. But it seems to sell fairly poorly at Wally World compared to .40 in my neck of the woods.

    When I see gun articles talk about "cheap .38 target ammo" I feel like they are talking about a past now gone.

    .40 is popular enough around here that the local convience store used to stock it, along with .30-30, .243, .308 and .30-06.
    NC shooters seem fond of .40, and .357Sig to a lesser extent. I think .40 is still issued by a lot of LE here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Cid View Post
    It may limp on for years the way some people and agencies keep 45 because they canít let go psychologically.
    I have spent the last decade running mostly 9mm DA/SA Sigs, and have actually switched back to .45 for duty carry. It all depends on the platform, and what caliber runs best for the shooter in that platform. For me, I run the full sized P320 in .45 better than I do in a full sized P320 9mm from FAST drills at 7rds, to bullseye shots at 50yrds. Logically that doesn't make sense, but the .45 version has a heavier slide and the ergos are superior for my hands enabling for better control for single and two handed shots. At least in full sized P320s my scoring is always better in .45 than 9mm. When the guns get smaller though I tend to favor 9mm as the .45 mag capacity dwindles exponentially, and the muzzle blast and stress on the shorter slides diminishes returns.
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