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Thread: Consistently shooting to the left with new Gen4 G17

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    Consistently shooting to the left with new Gen4 G17

    This has been covered on other forums in the past due to something that was brought to my attention by several of my co-workers a couple of years back. I noticed that nearly every single Glock that was carried by our department personnel has it's rear sight slightly off-set to the right. When I asked everyone why, they related that when they each purchased their Glock new (all from the same local LE dealer) they had night sights installed and the clerk told them that Glocks always shoot to the left, so the rear sight must be off-set to the right to compensate. Now this may be true for many shooters, including myself at this point, but I think this is a trigger control issue and not an inherent issue with the Glock platform.

    My question here is what those of you who have also experienced their Glock shooting to the left has found that is the specific cause and what have you done to correct this. I am shooting about 2 inches to the right @ 7 yards with the rear sight perfectly centered.

    I havent shot Glocks for several years since adopting the M&P platform. I have grown used to the M&P/Apex DCAEK trigger system. I have heard that using more finger on the trigger of the Glock trigger corrects the shooting left issue.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    I thought it was less finger helps the classic low and left issues
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    Like fuse, my experience has been that many people simply put far to much of their finger through the triggerguard when shooting Glocks. Simply backing out more toward the tip (insert your own Archer reference) helps many people.

    There will also be other people who shoot left for other reasons, and there will be Glocks that do in fact shoot left from the factory.

    But changing the point of contact between index finger and trigger -- which can be a very difficult change to make -- helps a good number of people.

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    My cure for that problem was ligthening the trigger to about 5.5 lbs from the nearly 8 lbs stock and using the large backstrap.

    Problem went away stat.

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    Ive struggled with this many times, and it is normally when I switch from shooting a bunch of .40 to shooting a 9. IMHO it has to do with me overtiming the 9mm, as its as close to the same gun as I can make it, sights, trigger etc, but Ill push shots 12'' strait Left at 25yds with the 9 and make head box hits with the .40 at that range. To fix this I have to do a lot of dedicated trigger control work on 2'' dots. Also
    changing up the trigger has helped as well, going to a NY trigger spring has solved it most times.

    Im also anal about how I set my Sights up and I use a calipers to set the sights dead center of the gun, every time I've done this they shoot dead center!! Unless the guy shooting it has issues, to much trigger finger etc.
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    I've heard several excellent shooters state their Glocks shot left. I have the same issue with mine, and I think it is a combination of pistol and my error. During my recent class I asked Ernest Langdon shoot my G-19, and he also printed the group slightly left. The pistol has a negative connector with trigger pull of about 5.25 so it is quite shootable.

    Interestingly, I find that I have less of this happening when I put more finger in, not less.

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    I've always shot left with Glocks but others who shot my gun shot POA/POI so it was me, I ended up giving up and moving on to M&Ps. Saturday I got to shoot a Gen4 17 with the grip force adapter and the left bias went away, might be worth trying.

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    You may find this helpful. Jerry from Ops Spec Training (formerly GrayGuns).


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    Bumping this as there was some call for discussion in another thread.

    Here is my question.

    How much grip pressure is too much? Sure, he printed a nice group but muzzle climb in that video was very very pronounced. I believe he was probably clamping down with his off hand only enough to keep the gun tracking vertically.

    Most people say the number one method to controlling recoil is to increase grip pressure with the support/weak/reaction hand. So, how much pressure is too much?

    I THINK that what most people are seeing is frame contact from their index finger on the RIGHT side of the pistol pushing the muzzle to the left as they clamp down with their strong hand.

    If you can keep a neutral grip or lessen grip pressure with your strong hand you should generally avoid torquing the frame to the left.

    Todd and other experts, are you guys vice gripping the gun with both hands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magsz View Post
    Todd and other experts, are you guys vice gripping the gun with both hands?
    I'm not an expert, but here's my take:

    If I grip too tight, with my strong hand, it can impede a smooth trigger pull. Other than that, I grip it pretty hard. I consider it too hard if the front sight starts to shake. There's a Todd Jarrett video of his explanation, give me a minute and I'll post it.
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