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Thread: Speed Control

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    Being a good shooter, being a USPSA GM, and being good at gunfighting fighting inside a house are not synonymous, nor are they mutually exclusive.

    Some significant factors:
    The way one moves through a course of fire is not the way one moves through an unknown structure.
    The difference in being "good" at fighting inside an enclosure (which includes "not shooting your buddies or non-threats") is the ability to go from "search" to "shoot", correctly, and rapidly.
    Once the decision has been made to shoot, the better shooter will get better hits on target and/or get faster hits on target.
    Being a better shooter also gives shot placement options that a poor shooter will not be able to reasonably expect to achieve.
    Tactical tasks do not belong on the clock, and bad things happen when they are. This is a really broad statement, and more absolute than I generally care to be. I'm not talking about making the switch from ID to shoot, or drawing the pistol, but rather things like door assessments, entries, post-engagement processes, etc.

    One can teach a good shooter how to work an enclosure, and one can improve the marksmanship of a CQB dude, but just because the good shooter hasn't been trained how to do the job, or that the SWAT dude can't hold the 8-ring at 25 meters doesn't mean that it's better to be a weak shooter, or that good shooters can't perform tactically.

    Tactics, marksmanship, and decision making are all essential. The weakest is what causes the structure to collapse under stress.
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    Outstanding post.
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    This has been an awesome read.

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