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Thread: Anyone watching Game of Thrones? THAR BE SPOILERS HERE

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    Anyone watching Game of Thrones? THAR BE SPOILERS HERE

    Great show thus far, I have to pick up the books when I'm done with the Dark Tower series.
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    I accidentally read the second book first. I'll catch up on the series after I finish reading the first book. Good stuff!
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    its on the line, NOVA
    Awesome series. Like sopranos meets lord of the rings.

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    I watched all of them. GREAT show. Very complex plot and skilled writing.

    I noticed that Khal Drogo (sp?) is the new Conan.

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    The books are actually quite good. If you liked reading lotr you will like them. I don't think his writing is as good as Tolkien's but his characters are convincing and easy to identify with. The plot is also always shifting and is a lot harder to predict than most fiction out there.
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    Last season starts tonight. I hope they stick the landing, but shows so rarely do.
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    I have high hopes of the final season. Have a love/hate relationship with the majority of the characters.

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    Hells yes. Can’t wait.
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    Last Game of Thrones season starts just before tax day.

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    Hustling to get Ms. Okie through the backlog. We just started S6 so we're getting close.

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