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Thread: NFA group therapy thread

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    Filed for a Dead Air Sandman S and to register my LMT MRP as a SBR on Jan 30 2018.
    Both stamps came back approved on June 26 2018..... So a little under 5 months...
    Both filed as a Individual.
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    I finally got my cans today! A Dead Air Mask and Ghost-M.

    I bought them from Hansohn summer of 2016, yes, twenty-sixteen, amidst the 41F mess.
    I missed the cutoff, and waited on my dealer to get up to speed on the new process (and using the SilencerShop kiosk). Then I waited on some updates to my trust to update it due to a name/address change. The dealer accidentally sold my Ghost from their inventory in the meantime... thankfully they had another in stock. Eventually got my paperwork all squared away last fall, and the check was cashed in January. Got the call for pickup today!

    Of course, now there’s a sale that if I buy a can I could get a Ghost for half price. And in the meantime wipes are now contraband silencer parts or something.

    Still... I finally have my cans!

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    When I draw, I don't deactivate the safety; I activate the danger.

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    Main thing holding me back from a SBR is the sole fact that I move states every 2-4 years because of my wife.. I want one so bad

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