Following in the necro-bump trend I will go on record as saying that Vickers puts on excellent basic carbine training. At least, my class in 2011 was excellent (holy smokes, time flies). Now, that class had some good dudes in it too that may have contributed to the level of instruction LAV provided. I also had a Vickers "Advanced Pistol Marksmanship" class in 2014 that was not great. Correspondingly the student population of that class was pretty bad too. According to LAV it was an issue of the host not correctly qualifying/verifying the pre-req's of certain students.

In the carbine class, Larry appropriately covered the how's and also why's of carbine-user interface, controls manipulation, reloads, zeros, offsets, transitions, positions, and shooting on the move. A good solid foundation of fundamentals for carbine use.