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Thread: Current state of the AK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suvorov View Post
    Very good write up! Lays it out right there for a novice and even for me pretty much seals the deal on running HSG tacos.

    Also - you donít happen to be the same AK shooting Matt that lived in the Bay Area 10 or so years ago?
    Negative. Iím the guest. Matt posted on my behalf. Iím mentioned at the bottom.
    Quote Originally Posted by caleb View Post
    Oh man, that's right. I forgot that some people feel like they need light SA triggers in DA guns instead of just learning to shoot the gun better. You can get a Redhawk DA trigger pull down to 10 lbs, and if you can't manage that you suck and should probably just practice more.
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    Roger that. I guess I should have read the fine print

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    I'm always interested to see how the AK is evolving in Russian military service. I also find it fascinating that Aimpoint CompM4s are apparently in use too...

    The War Zone: Russian Commandos Jump From 33,000 Feet Over The Arctic In Unprecedented Exercise

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