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Thread: Safariland retention holsters

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    Safariland retention holsters

    This singular holster has the grip locking system and fits Glock, S&W M&P, Walther, HK. Doesn't fit Sig or XD

    Concealment GLS Holster for G17

    Low cost holster with internal "pinch" retention.

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    Great idea for instructors to grab a few of these (L&R) if needed in a class.

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    I really like the idea of a concealment holster with retention. I know that like 99% of the time I won't need to defend against a gun grab, but I like the idea, and OWB concealment is always cool, if I could find a good enough shirt to trust for open front CCW. As is, my state would likely not be too understanding of the wind blowing my concealment open.

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    Not gonna lie, I get a little satisfaction that they don't fit XD's.
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    Do want.

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    Very interesting.
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    Anyone used the holster in the first pic? They make one for a Sig and I thought about trying it out. I'm in the market for something with active retention that'll work with an RMR'd 229.
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