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Thread: UTM Home Live Fire Practice Kit for Civilians

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    UTM Home Live Fire Practice Kit for Civilians

    UTM Home Live Fire Practice Kit for Civilians

    The system requires you to use a specialized bolt (included in the kit) that fires the rimfire primer on the cartridge live 5.56 ammo will not work in the gun with the special bolt installed for added safety. Once the bolt is installed, no additional modifications are required to the gun. Simply use your existing setup, and have fun blasting away in your own home. The kit comes with a proper backstop and some targets, for added convenience.
    Thoughts on this ? No sure i'd want the rifle version but a Glock pistol version might catch my interest.

    Supposed to be using a soild plastic projectile instead of the paint projectile.

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    If they can release (what is basically) an affordable, safe, and reliable simunitions style product for use by the average citizen I'll sign right the hell up. For training I don't think airsoft is up to par and yet dry fire needs to be spruced up with other training methods once in a while to keep the boredom at bay.
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    This is basically the MMR without the paint (which never worked well).

    For the AR, I think a better option is the Crossman AR upper. It has two advantages, first cheaper per a shot, second it isn't considered a firearm and as such there are less restrictions on where you can use it.

    Pistol wise I am not sure this is better than dry fire because the recoil, and accuracy is different so what is the point?

    UTM MMR and Simunition FX are good for their particular purposes, but turning it into a home practice aid just isn't there for me.

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