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    Quote Originally Posted by HopetonBrown View Post
    3 coolest things I've read about for pistols are the Glock mags from Magpul and Elite Tactical Systems, and the Surefire XC1.

    From my Motorola StarTAC.
    Ahh, the Shot Show and Magpul. Nothing bad about them just an unfortunate set of circumstances.

    Along with a German defence journo, who is also a reserve Col., and two German SF types I am at the show. The Germans had already been in contact with Richard Fitzpatrick as they wanted to see the new G36 magazine and take word back to Germany.

    We roll up at the magpul booth, lots of handshaking and backslapping. Comes time to view the only G36 magazine Magpul had, we get taken over to the wall space where it is being displayed, Mr F proudly indicates in the direction of an empty space. Lots of questions to staff, conclusion: Some lightfingered thieving shitehawk somewhere is the proud possessor of the first magpul G36 magazine.

    I dunno if it was 2013/14/15...they blur into one.
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