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Thread: Official Match Video Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by caleb View Post
    Yep. Raw videos are in 1080, when I do full match footage stuff with a mix of 3rd person and 1st person cameras I'll usually compress them 720 in Vegas (my editing software) because it takes like three weeks to render a 3 minute long video in 1080.
    i run Vegas 9 Pro but have yet to do any HD editing from the Contour. thanks for the info!

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    Not an actual match, but a USPSA practice session

    One of the biggest things I tried to take away from the ToddG classes was the pressout, which I have worked hard on. Pleased to see I'm riding the sights out and the hammer is fully staged on pressout!

    Hopefully I'll get to start shooting at least one match a day soon. I'll make sure to get lots of videos of Caleb doing dumb crap, for all of us to ridicule.
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    Only got (usable) video of half the stages. Oh well.

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    This is the same match Donovan was at, but I got all the stages. Honestly, this was a pretty tough match - they take their Championship Series matches pretty seriously up here in the PNW, and there were a couple stages that really kicked my ass.

    It's also really obvious to me now that I need to be way more aggressive going into ports like the ones on stage 1.
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    These were 3 stages from Saturday. Don't hurt yourself laughing too hard.

    Sorry I don't know how to splice them all into one video.

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    I am not near as good as you guys are, but here are couple stages from an August 20 IDPA club match. Just ignore the mistake in the 2nd vid on the T1 to T2 transition. I forgot what order to shoot the targets in

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    DQed last weekend. Got another match tomorrow, hopefully I actually finish it.

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    A few stages from today. I had a weird malfunction with my G35, though unfortunately my camera man missed it. I also learned that it's easier to knock over plates if you actually look at your front sight...

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    Video from yesterday's IDPA match @ Caswell Ranch. Stage 3 was in a house so it wasn't recorded. On Stage 2 I transitioned past a target...10 and a FTN! That's what I get for going 2 months between matches. Plenty of room to improve...
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    All I know is that I know nothing. - Socrates

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