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Thread: Official Match Video Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondsCount View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie B View Post
    Nicely done! I love pin matches. What caliber and load are you running?
    That wasn't me. What I did shoot was a 6" Model 27 and a 3" Model 65 with Geco 158gr LRNs that I bought at Rural King and a 6" Model 17 with Winchester bulk-pack stuff.
    What the hell is an "aluminum falcon"?

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    2018 WI sectional. My performance was meh and needs improvement but the supah squad was fun and the match was excellent as it is every year.

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    I was able to have a friend video me at an Introduction to Action Pistol class I took with my son recently.

    Not exactly a huge deal but I haven't seen myself shoot since the Cascade Sectional match I attended as a total and complete noob last July.

    A lot of progress remains to be made and even though these are simple instructional/demo stages i had a plan in mind.
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