On a trip to Blademan's today, I got to handle some great stuff. Mark had a thorough selection and many current offerings that made it a pleasureable trip as always. I ended up with a stretch 2xl but some of the other cool blades i saw or handled were

Benchmade Narrows - Going in I already thought it was the most overpriced and overhyped knife of the year. I still feel it is overpriced but not by as much now. It was easily the most smooth action of all the blades i handled today. The thinness wasn't an issue, as I thought it might be, but actually made it feel great in the hand. They are nuts at $500 but if they would have put them at $300 even i think i could convince myself they're worth it. The crossbar lock was great as well.

Benchmade Full Immunity - if this was a 3.25-3.5" fullsize blade they wouldn't be able to make enough of them. But in current form it is so small that i imagine it will turn off many buyers. Too small for my taste.

Spyderco subvert carbon fiber sprint - I always wanted to handle a Subvert because they are just cool pocket machete's but never had the chance. It was everything i wanted it to be. But the $400 dollar pricetag is too high. If i come across one on the swap one day in the sub $300 range then i would likely bite. Just a cool beast of a knife.

Shirogorov neon - very nice thin blade that was smooth opening and nicely sized. Like other Shiro's, I rode the lockbar initially, but once i quit stepping on my dick it was a nice blade.

Protech Rockeye - this was my second favorite protech auto. Solid ergos for an out the side and this one had a cool smoke grey blade finish that set it apart.

Protech Terzuola - I will own one eventually. Best protech auto, imo. He has had the tuxedo variant for awhile and i hope it sticks around so i can snag it.

ADV new Ronin - button lock wasn't great but ergos and aesthetics were improved over the previous Ronin, for me. The cf scales and bolsters really are an upgrade aesthetically.

He had a few nice custom (he always has a Rassenti or two for exampled).

The Curtiss knives feel great, though i feel they're a bit salty.

Plenty of Microtech's of all forms. I don't care for otf's but the stitch and brachial were cool. No MSI though.

Fun few hours handling cool blades and having good conversation with a true enthusiast.