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Thread: Lehigh Defense: Xtreme Penetrator Ammunition

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    Has anyone here actually shot a live critter with any of the fluted Leigh,ARX, or silmilar bullets and necro'd the animal? I think I've read this whole thread, don't recall such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldanders View Post
    His observations outside of terminal ballistics usually strike me as more valid than his obervations inside the subject area.

    I`ve never understood why he doesn't use rubber bags or something similar for "lung tissue." Probably to hard to obtain locally.

    I tried his "break the concrete block evenly bit" with my cw45 recently, and that shit is more difficult than it looks. (I toppled the block on shot three, having blown apart the base.) He's a fine shot. But I didn't throw away my 9mm 147 Ranger T-series ammo, even after his video declared it "crap." That video, and a few others by him, do show that ammo batches vary, sometimes dramatically.

    The meat target bits are fun, I just wish he described them that way instead of "definitive." Shooting water-filled jugs of a consistent type every time would be at least a comparable data set.

    Hence, my highly scientific "Redneck Ballistic Protocol." 🤡
    Hard to say why he does not use something more suitable (than citrus fruit) for simulating lung tissue; in this day and age, it seems that almost anything can be ordered on the 'net and delivered just about anywhere. Perhaps he uses "definitive" to qualify the "fun" he is having in making his videos?

    As for using water as a tissue simulant, you are likely already very much aware of my position on the practice. It's one of two valid terminal ballistic test mediums—the other being 10% ordnance gelatin. The obvious benefit of testing water is that BB validation (for the purpose of confirming correct shear response at low velocity which ultimately dictates maximum depth of penetration) is unnecessary. Water does not support shear, so maximum penetration depth is computed using a modified Poncelet penetration using the average recovered diameter, recovered mass and impact velocity of the test bullet. Accordingly, since maximum penetration depth is not represented in water the only material quality that matters when testing in water is volumetric mass-density which determines the pressure at a given velocity that drives expansion of the bullet; P = ½ρV².

    At all reasonable temperatures that water can be used for such testing (33°F — 120°F), the density of water fluctuates from 999.878 kg/m3 @ 33°F — 988.565 kg/m3 @ 120°F, or about 1.131%, so there is negligible difference in its density across the entire temperature range.

    If using water bags proves inconvenient, I'd encourage the use of the commonly found ½-gallon, paper-board beverage cartons (such as those used for milk or orange juice that measure 3.75"W x 3.75"L x 9"H) for your tests if you happen to buy anything that comes in them. Their thin paper-board wall construction introduces very little mechanical interference during testing in water.
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