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Thread: Rifle Dot Torture? Is there such a drill?

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    Rifle Dot Torture? Is there such a drill?

    I was brainstorming some this afternoon. Has anyone adapted Dot Torture to be ran with a rifle? I was thinking about running the drill between 25-50 yards. What size dots do you think would be appropriate if I wanted to try this drill at 25 yards? 4"? Smaller? I know I would personally benefit from adapting this drill to the rifle side of the equation.

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    Yes there is a dot drill that you shoot with a rifle it's usually shoot at 100yds or more.

    The size of the dot depends on your skill level and what you're doing.

    One of the biggest benefits of doing it is learning to build your position properly.

    I have some targets for rifle dot drill but if you just search rifle dot drill I am sure you will find some. If not I will email, pm or something you with a few.

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    I've ran it at 25 yards a few times.

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    One thing to consider with a rifle/carbine is the major MOA differences between shooting at 5 yards and 25 yards. Even if you shoot a large target to a small target, you can't get this training unless you shoot something physically close and something else physically far away.

    There are lots of drills to do fast paced changes in distance (various assault courses, etc).

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    The Appleseed Qual Course would come close. Probably not great with real rifles but perfect for .22's.
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    Rifle Dot Torture? Is there such a drill?

    I run a similar drill at 25 yards using a standard NRA 5 spot target as a precision drill designed to make you think about offset.

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    Once upon a time, I used NRA B8's at 50 yards, and shot some of the sequences of the normal Dot Torture with an old SMLE. I had to skip the SHO and WHO portions, and I just treated the entire B8 as a single dot, so a 9 ring was as good as an X ring hit. Dropping those 10 shots off also made it an even 40 rounds so it was perfect for 2 boxes of S&B .303 British ammo.
    I only did it the one time, but it was a lot of fun.

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    I had forgotten about this. This is just my own little thing I came up with a while back. A couple of other people were doing similar stuff, too.

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