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Thread: Freestyle shooting at 25 yds revisited

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    Hundo? Maaaybe, depending on how ya score that line break at 1:00 o'clock.

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    98, PX4CC with full LTT upgrades, Holo 407C, Speer GD 124gr. Second group fired, first being Brown Bear. This pistol hates Brown Bear. First round DA like John Moses Beretta and Ernest want me to shoot the pistol. Left is freestyle at 25 yards. Right is 3 rounds at 40 yards, target is tape intersection. I've not stopped digging this pistol since 2017.
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    So close, yet again, this time with my RMR'd Gen 5 Glock 34. My 147gr handloads were hitting a bit high in this gun at 25 (it's zeroed with RA9T). I had to hold at 6 o'clock in the 9 ring to get the elevation right. This was shot as a single string in about a minute, breaking the shots when the hold was right, not pacing splits.

    I need to reconfirm zero with RA9T... I don't shoot this gun much, and hadn't had it out in more than 6 months. Shooting my handloads with my arms braced on my shooting bag off the bench, I was able to put 10/10 in the ten ring with the offset hold.

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    Mediocrity at it's finest , should be able to get 10x with this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karmapolice View Post
    Mediocrity at it's finest , should be able to get 10x with this thing.

    Bring it over, Iíll show you how

    For real though, great shooting homie!
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    Have a new Gen 5 G17 MOS with a Holosun SCS that I just picked up recently. 3.5 lb. connector is the only mod.

    Shot this at a steady pace of about 1 round per second, 10 rounds per mag, 10 mags. I like the SCS, but the dot is a bit too bright for true precision.

    About 935/1000, 24X give or take. Pretty pleased with the otherwise stock Gen 5 so far.

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    Probably dry firing
    Shot semi rapid fire

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    Currently Iím still within the acceptable dickhead parameter of PF 2017+.

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    I continue to be impressed by my new G17.5 shooting at 25 yards at an under 2 r.p.s pace over 100 rounds. I would call the "marksman" barrel more than B.S., it's almost as accurate as my re-barreled G17.4's.

    I switched back to my N340 load from WSF and can't tell if the POI shift to the left is due to that, trigger finger placement or just a poor zero. I'm left handed, so with my typical flinch, I'd expect more shots right of center than left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karmapolice View Post
    Mediocrity at it's finest , should be able to get 10x with this thing.
    I feel your pain. My goal is still to get at least a 100 one of these days.

    After my last post I watched a Doug Koenig video on gripping a pistol and bought some grip trainers (which I used for about 2 days).

    Regardless, I did shoot this one good-ish group on 14 October, which was also the last time I went shooting.

    25 yards, Sig branded 124gr FMJ. I am 99% sure I loaded and shot 10 rounds...

    Shot with this beast:

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    I picked up a new G34.5 and mounted a Holosun SCS. Sighted in then shot 100 rounds at 25 yards in controlled pairs.

    I continue to be impressed by how well these Gen 5 Glocks shoot.

    Estimated a 951/100 due to the misses in the 7 & 8 ring but those are all me.

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