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Thread: Freestyle shooting at 25 yds revisited

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    Combination here.

    The LB Operator was used on the 5x8 card in a walk back to 40 yards which was the warm up. I can see once I get to 15 yards I have to start "shooting the dot" the damn dot.

    The group in the head was that .45 from 25 (the blue line at the top of the headbox indicated the dang hold I had to use to shoot that group. PIA)

    and the red marked group was the RTF2 G22 from 25 which was solid for 4 anyway.

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    That's a pretty smokin' head group Joe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ASH556 View Post
    That's a pretty smokin' head group Joe!
    That LB Operator, in stock form will deliver. At 25 yards it pretty much shoots with the high dollar guns I have. In conversation with Dave Sams on that point he said "25 yards ain't much of a test, I can throw rocks accurately to 25 yards". LOL I love that shit. He's the guy that built me the 1" 50 yard 9mm so I get it.
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    Only decent 25 yard target today.

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    Too hot. Was like 93. Had the entire club to myself.


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    P2000 LEM with 145gr Bayou Bullets RN and 4 gr WSF. Shot cold.

    94/100 and 3x. In 33.66 seconds.

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    First outing with the 5906 in about three years. The pasted holes were my first string of fire (ten rounds) at 25 yards using Winchester 147 grain Ranger JHP. I then loaded six rounds of Federal 147 FMJ to see how they would do - this load is very accurate but prints slightly to the left of POA;

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