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Thread: Freestyle shooting at 25 yds revisited

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    Don't get discouraged.

    I've found that my two hand shooting was hiding a lot of trigger press mistakes. I read that somewhere....either here or on a bullseye forum. I've started doing most of my dry fire practice one handed only and it's paying dividends at the live fire sessions.

    In the past, one of my biggest mistakes was ambushing the trigger when the sights wobbled to a "just right" position. It took me a while to realize that a smooth, close to perfect trigger press is far more accurate than jerking the trigger ambushing it. I cringe at all the ammo I blasted away over the years ambushing the trigger.

    I'm not seeing low and left hits like I used to....and I consider that progress. I credit that to dry fire and advice I've read on this and other forums.

    Doing more body weight and dumbbell workouts too. I'm finding that the more of that I do, the easier it is to hold the sights steady and my arthritis seems to hurt less when triggering off .45 rounds with the G41. Trying to eat better....more water......more of all that jazz.


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    @lwt16 , you inspired me to give the 25yd SHO thing a try. I started today's session with the FBI Bullseye Course. First with my G45, then with my 92A1. I'll post those targets below, but after that I tried the SHO thing with the G45. Not bad for a first try I guess. Plenty of room to improve:

    First string of the 92A1 Bullseye Course:

    G45 Bullseye Course:

    Just some freestyle B8's for score:

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