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Thread: Law Enforcement Forum Mission Statement

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    Law Enforcement Forum Mission Statement

    The Law Enforcement Section exists as a resource for the discussion of training and equipment for law enforcement officers in the performance of their sworn duties. All members of Pistol-Forum, whatever their profession, are welcome to participate in and contribute to the LE Section, but keep the discussion confined to the topics of LE training and equipment.

    All comments must remain professional without bickering or whining.
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    Law Enforcement Forum Changes

    The Law Enforcement forum is changing:

    1. The purpose of this forum was originally envisioned as a place where the technical aspects of policing could be discussed intelligently. By "technical aspects" I mean things like equipment, training, and best practices. Discussions will be limited to these areas and are expected to stay on topic.

    2. We like to think of everybody on being on the same side. We are all good guys here, whether we wear a badge or not. Anybody who forgets that and starts to post a bunch of divisive drivel is going to be shown the door. There's no us vs. them here. Policing presents some unique problems and concerns, especially to those who are charged with training and equipping police officers to deal with the worst dregs of society. There is an abundance of bad men walking around and breathing free air. The police ultimately have to deal with these dirtbags...but those dirtbags are victimizing somebody without LE credentials before 911 ever gets called. Those dirtbags are the enemy. The rest of us are concerned with defending ourselves effectively without ending up in jail or sued into poverty. This forum is about helping disseminate information that helps the good guys...regardless of profession...achieve that end.

    3. As noted elsewhere, we've asked Chuck Haggard to come on board as a member of staff. He's one of the most level-headed people I've ever interacted with and we have absolute confidence that he will be able to help strike the right balance on discussions in this forum.

    4. Everybody's participation is welcome here just as it is anywhere else on the forum. We simply require that participation is useful. If you have an intelligent question on the LE forum's topics, by all means ask. If you have useful input, by all means contribute. If you aren't sure that your question is intelligent or that your input is useful, hold on to it until you are.

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    I want to spell something out shouldnít need to be spelled out based on the existing rules. If you want to bash another cop because of what they look like, what genitals they have, etc. you will not have a place in the LE forum. We get enough judgment from people who are ignorant of who we are as it is, putting up with it from other "good guys" is complete bullshit and there will be zero tolerance of it. Criticize techniques, tactics, policies, etc. all you want. That is both within the mission statement and something we can learn from. If you donít know the difference, ask an adult to review your post before submitting.

    Donít be an asshole. Again, we get enough negativity and stonings from the general public. If you are toxic to the subforum based on how you interact with others, you will not have a place here. Respectful disagreement and debate is, of course, welcome. If you donít know the difference, ask an adult to review your post before submitting.

    I will not PM warnings individually. If you think this applies to you, it probably does. If youíre here because I linked it in another thread, think about why.

    This applies equally to sworn and non-sworn.
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