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Thread: Sippin' Bourbon

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGKR View Post
    As posted on another forum, I had never delved into Bourbon before, preferring other beverages. However for the past year, I’ve begun to gain an appreciation for Bourbon, as one of our post-doc’s did his PhD at the University of Louisville and has demonstrated the joys of a nice Bourbon.

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    Woodford Reserve
    —works great as a nice simple smooth and mellow sipping bourbon and also mixes well for cocktails, especially mint juleps!

    Blanton's Original Single Barrel—the first single barrel bourbon commercially available! Complex flavors, lovely finish, kick in the pants! Hard to go wrong with this one.

    Angels Envy—Developed by Lincoln Hendersen, Woodford Reserve’s former master distiller and aged in old Port wine barrels. A bit of fruit flavor comes through, as does oak. Definitely worth trying alone or in a cocktail.

    Eagle Rare 10—Dark complex flavors with a bit of oak. Can be sipped and is also great in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

    Willett Pot Still Small Batch Reserve
    —Gloriously smooth and flavorful; delightful neat or with an ice cube. One of my favorites to sip so far!

    Four Roses Small Batch Select—Elegant, complex, flavorful, smooth. It does not get much better than this!
    Very nice start, Doc.
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    While neither of the following beverages are true Kentucky Bourbons, they are close cousins and probably fit into this thread more than others.

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    George Dickel 13yo Bottled in Bond: This fine Tennessee Whiskey won the 2019 “Whisky of the Year” award from Whiskey Advocate magazine. This spirit offers one of best values currently available; a Single Malt Scotch or Kentucky Bourbon of similar quality would likely go for 3-4 times the cost. This impressive beverage is the vision of Chemical Engineer Nicole Austin, who took over in 2018 as General Manager and Distiller at Cascade Hollow Distilling Company, the parent entity of George Dickel. One tip—when you pour this Dickel, let it sit for several minutes in your glass, as it opens up nicely and gains complexity with a bit of time. Great neat, with an ice cube, and in Manhattans.

    WhistlePig 12yo Old World: This is a stunning Rye Whiskey distilled in Indiana, then sent to Vermont for finishing in a series of wine casks, including Madeira, Sauternes, and Port, much like some Scotches back in the old world (hence the OW moniker on the bottle). On pouring, a glorious nose wafts up from the glass. As you sip, the smooth complex flavors are a treat on the tongue and palate. This is among the best spirits I have ever tasted—well worth the cost!
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    Quote Originally Posted by O4L View Post
    I really like the OWA 107 it is one of my favorites, but I doubt I will ever buy the SR again. I haven't yet found any of the 12 year or Full Proof in my area.
    Yeah I greatly prefer the 12 year over the SR. Can never find it though.

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    I took a trip with my best friend to the Bourbon Trail a couple years ago. It was a fascinating experience, and I was especially intrigued by how each distillery chose to focus on different things in its tour.

    Four Roses, for instance, focused on the company's history, fall from grace during prohibition, and subsequent resurrection. They also focused on their system of multiple mash bills, and how you could decode the mash bill from data on the bottle.
    Jim Beam focused on the company's production volume, range of products, and industrialization. That said, they had a neat product hook where they just happened to have a barrel of Knob Creek sitting there, and would you like to bottle your own fifth of 'Single Barrel' right then and there? Why yes, yes I would.
    Maker's Mark focused on history and the complete production cycle (they were the only distillery that took us through a rickhouse, for instance), but also talked about the art of whiskey tasting and segued into how they developed the specific barrel stave combination they used to make Maker's 46 (which, I might add, makes a phenomenal mint julep). Tasting all their spirits, from the raw unaged 'white whiskey' up through the 46 and some of the distiller's specials, was an interesting experience. And of course, I got to dip a bottle in that trademark hot plastic 'wax'.
    Castle & Key is a new distillery, who hasn't yet released a bourbon to market, but is selling unaged spirits as either vodka or gin until their bourbon matures. We missed the last tour of the day there, but wandered around the grounds for a while anyway.

    And the Scotch was a gift from my friend, because he likes to do the unexpected and give someone a bottle of Scotch while touring the home of Bourbon...
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    I’ve had a good week. Bought two more Stagg JR today. Name:  2680FADF-1DD2-4102-A225-E00A209C7E4B.jpeg
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    The NC tribe is representing big time!

    Well, except for this guy. I still have the same three bottles of Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna, and Basil Hayden's I've had for a while now. I must atone, and soon.
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    Damn son, I have not seen that much Blanton's in one place in a looooong time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWM11B View Post
    Damn son, I have not seen that much Blanton's in one place in a looooong time.
    4 of those came from VA. A lot of miles driven...

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    This JTS Brown is a very good bourbon, priced at $16.00ish.

    Second old fashioned for the night!

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    Now you're just showing off.

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