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Thread: Sippin' Bourbon

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    Sippin' Bourbon

    It seems the "Good Stuff" thread often gets quality additions, instead of derailing that I thought I would start a new thread about affordable every day sippin' whiskey. I am interested to hear what people have found to be a great everyday, on the rocks type whiskey that is truly tasty and could hold its own in higher priced brands of its class.

    A couple of ground rules...
    - Whisky only. Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, blended etc.
    - Full size bottle must be under $35.00 (i know this is getting harder) $40.00 for those of you in the east that have weird tax things.
    - If you say Cutty Shak you fail.

    Because I am partial to Bourbon I will start with...

    - Corner Creek. Slight smoke. Well rounded. Slightly high in rye. In NM it is price about $28.00. I would put it up to Blanton's but for the price is one of my favorites.
    - Hankock's President's Reserve. Highe in rye without being a rye, but close. Sweet but easy to drink. Around $29.00 depending on the shop.
    - Jim Beam "Devils Cut" It may be main stream but at $28.00 a nice rich barrel taste with a high proof.

    Black Maple Hill is my favorite of all time. However it may fall out side of the rules. In the early part of the year it can be found for $35.00, but as the year goes on and distributers get light I have seen it for as high as $60.00. so I will just say at $35.00 pick it up and enjoy it.

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    Old Weller Antique $30
    W.L. Weller Special Reserve $13

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    Woodford Single Mash.

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    Elijah Craig, around $30.

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    Southern Comfort. 750ml for about $15.00


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    Quote Originally Posted by KeeFus View Post
    Southern Comfort.
    It was good enough for Janis.
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    Makers Mark is hard to beat for under $40. It's reasonably close to the Van Winkles in taste, both being wheated bourbons.


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    Eagle Rare is the best Bourbon for under $30/750mL
    At any price, it's Bookers for me. Caught a sale a few months ago for $43/750mL, normally ~$50
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeeFus View Post
    Southern Comfort. 750ml for about $15.00

    SoCo isn't whiskey. It's a liqueur.

    For the OP, off the top of my head:
    Eagle Rare
    Noah's Mill
    Basil Hayden's
    Elijah Craig 12
    Evan Williams Single Barrel
    Buffalo Trace
    George Dickel Rye
    Elmer T. Lee
    Speyburn 10 Year (as posted in the other thread)

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    I like Maker's Mark for a good, reasonably priced every day bourbon.

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