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Thread: What pocket holsters is everyone using for their J-Frame?

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    An Uncle Mike's with a bit of cardboard to break up the outline.

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    LCR and SL variant speed loader in Tuff holster pocket too. It is thinner than a nemesis and breaks IP the outline just as good.

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    I use an Uncle Mike's with my LCR in .38 special. No CT grips.

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    Simply Rugged pocket protector.
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    Uncle Mikes #4, if I remember they recommend a #3 but the 4 works better. I also have a Rosen and an Andrews but the #4 UM does not get stuck on the pistol and is less bulky.

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    What pocket holsters is everyone using for their J-Frame?

    I always heard rave reviews about MIKA but the one example I had was loose as a goose and very bulky. It felt like I had a pillow wrapped around the gun. It was culled with prejudice.

    I use a TT Gunleather pocket holster for my LCP. I designed it and Tim made it. I love it but that doesn't help you with a J-frame.

    I used to have a PCS but can't remember which model. It was well made and I'd consider one again if I had the need.

    Other than that I'd go with a nemesis. I find them a tad bulky as well but for the money and ready availability given my rare pocket carry needs you can't really beat them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Scott at RKBA Holsters:

    They are very well made, and I have both a LH and RH model.
    This maker.

    After many years and many different makers, I've settled on this one. If you ask, he will make your holster from a single layer of leather, which makes for an incredibly thin, yet stable, pocket holster. Surprisingly, this holds up quite well. I have since shifted to off-side pocket carry, but the strong-side, single-layer pocket holster he made for me some years ago, and was carried every day for a five year period, is still quite serviceable.

    Probably the "nicest" of the ones I kept is a Kramer; a bit bulky, but solid as a rock.

    The UM #3 actually works like a champ, but wears out in fairly short order. It also has the most potential for moving around in the pocket, depending upon your pocket, etc.

    I was rather underwhelmed with the Nemesis. It is as bulky (i.e., thick) as the Kramer, yet doesn't fit in the pocket as well. In fact, it felt like I was carrying a half-dozen wadded-up handkerchiefs in that pocket. However, I kept it because it does have a purpose for me; I use it to "protect" a G19 when I throw same into the glove box for my wife when she is out and about with me.

    Not surprisingly, pocket holsters are every bit as involved and personal as a belt holster. You need to try a variety before settling on one.


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    Uncle Mike's for me too.
    I have a Mika for a K-frame that I use as a coat pocket holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekrauos View Post

    LCR and SL variant speed loader in Tuff holster pocket too. It is thinner than a nemesis and breaks IP the outline just as good.
    That is a really neat design with the speed loader pouch.

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