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Thread: What pocket holsters is everyone using for their J-Frame?

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    For my 642 I have been using the Desantis Nemesis. It works for the task, but IMHO adds a lot of bulk because of its thickness. I have used one of these for a Kahr PM9 and may buy one for a J-frame:

    I will probably email Tom at DSG to see what magic he can work first.

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    It will be nice to see what Tom comes up with for a minimal bulk kydex pocket holster.

    However, since a small revolver is relatively bulky compared to normal pocket dwelling items; it may be a case of "if you cant beat em', join em" (embrace the bulk). Paying homage to the great idea Mr Greg Kramer had, I made a pocket holster. This is my latest diy holster, I like it so far.

    Is that a big wallet, or?...

    just an LCR in a pocket holster, I call it the Black-K (kind of like black sheep); its a blackhawk/unclemikes size 03, with a piece of kydex hot glued to it. The kydex was molded to a very large wallet.

    Thickness comparison to a BG380 in a super fly holster.

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    I've used both the Nemesis and the Mika's. I've found the Mika's superior in every way for pocket carry.

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    For years I've been using pocket holsters made from plastic milk jugs for J-frames and small autos; thin, light, stiff, stays in pocket during draw, cheap!

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