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Thread: USPSA/IDPA Divisions Criteria - Frame Weight?

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    USPSA/IDPA Divisions Criteria - Frame Weight?

    While reading through the recent discussion on the fancy CZ Shadow and how many consider it to be a "cheater" gun for Production, this thought occurred to me: Rather than USPSA putting guns into Production or Limited based primarily on trigger type, how about using frame weight as the primary criteria?

    The reasoning for this is that pretty much any production-legal gun can be tuned to have an "easy" trigger, so the primary determining factor affecting the gun's handling at speed is its recoil behavior which, in my very limited experience, is determined most greatly by the weight of the frame.

    I'm sure it'd take an act of God to make a change of that magnitude, but what do y'all think? Good idea, or am I off my rocker?

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    IDPA has an absolute weight restriction. It ain't particularly restrictive. I believe Shadows are now legal, and so is 38 or 39 oz Beretta Elite. Etc. I know nobody who carries former and only one idiot who carries latter.

    To "get real", the restrictions will create so much stink and will be challenged all over. Not worth it.

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