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Thread: If you had to construct a revolver battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
    I sold a SW 651 in 22 Mag. However, given the 22 mag rounds that existed when I had it - I found that 50 rounds had so much unburned junk that it glued the entire thing shut. I had to heat in the furnance and take it to the blacksmith to get it open. Not really, just tons of cleaner. At 7 yards, a target got covered with residue. To answer the question - I'm happy with a 642 and a Model 19. I have a Bearcat in SS for some 22 LR plinking and it is a pretty cowboyish gun. I get new folks to shoot it if they ask to start shooting stuff.
    A .22 Mag revolver is on my wish list but I'm leaning more towards a Model 48 with at least a 6" barrel. Hindsight being 20/20 and all there is now ammo designed specifically for the shorter barreled guns.
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    Preliminary note: I am not a revolver guy. Being used to a Glock I find them overly complicated.
    But anyways, here's my battery:

    1) Home Defense - 6" .357Mag GP100
    2) CCW - 4.2" .357Mag GP100
    3) Target practice/training - 4.2" .22lr SP101
    4) Shooting games - same as 1)
    5) Hunting - I don't think handguns are adequate for hunting. As a handgun while hunting: see 1) or 7)
    6) Fun - same as 1) and 3)
    7) Other - Hiking in bear country: 7.5" .44Mag Redhawk

    Battery completed by two Winchester 92-style 20" lever actions in .357Mag and .44Mag.
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    One should not forget the NAA 22S minirevolver. I bought one at the gun show for $120 way back - because - it was so darn cute. Not to wander into psychological domains but it's configuration fits the cuteness metric that makes babies look cute to humans. You can apply it to inanimate objects. It is not the most accurate gun though - ahem! But it's cute. I do have a NAA 22 Mag and with more modern ammo and the slip on rubber grip - it's not inaccurate. Another just because gun. One can just drop it in your suit coat as a BUG when all the zombie killer stuff under your sports jacket fails to do the job. Pragmatically I shot the old TX DPS CHL protocol with the bottle shaped target with the gun. With a semi - anyone should shoot a 250 max score. With the Naa (1 5/8 " barrel) I shot a 235 ish. Missed a couple of head shots and some off center. The gun does key hole.

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    I'm going to use what I own rather than make this a wish list.

    Home Defense - 4" S&W M10 (has been a GP100 in the past)
    CCW - j-frame snubnose 28
    Target practice/training - tie between my K22, K32, and K38.
    Shooting games - depends on the "game". The only shooting game I've participated in was pin shooting. For that, I like my 5.5" Redhawk with 44spec loads. Moved the pins with authority without excessive recoil.
    Hunting - assuming the revolver is primary and not a back-up, I'll go with my 5.5" Redhawk 44mag
    Fun - Any of the above.
    Other (non-hunting backwoods activities like fishing, hiking, camping) - 4" S&W 629 with light magnum loads.
    Other #2 (trail running, and both road and offroad biking) - same j-frame as above.

    Glenn, I bought an NAA mini-revolver after lusting after them for years. It took me just a few months to decided it wasn't useful to me and sell it (broke even thankfully). I still look at them with lust in my eye, but manage to talk myself down from that ledge.


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    I have a couple 642s for off-duty/BUG use, S&W 325 for home defense, Ruger Super Blackhawk and S&W 629 for hunting.

    Would love to have a couple of 3 inch Model 66/65 with some minor custom work for CCH.

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