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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    My first plan was the GG&G mount and an O-light Mini-Odin. Theoretically, it works, but it really sticks out to the side and in my opinion, is too much of a snag and knock hazard. Second choice is as below, the O-light Valkyrie PL-Pro with their pressure switch. The pressure pad is attached to a velcro pad so it is removable. I was concerned about the cord as a snag hazard and so I wrapped a Velcro strap around the magazine tube nut. I think that will work so long as the barrel doesn't get too hot. I guess I'll have to see how hot it gets when I take my next class. I am open to suggestions on possibly better ways to secure the cord.

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    Been needing to solve my 1301T light conundrum think you may just have. TY much my LF brother & just in time before a visit from some guy named DB for a past due SG tune-up.

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    @Dorsai, how are you attaching the O-Light to the mag tube?
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    Looks like the Nordic clamp with probably a chunk of Pic rail added.
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    Correct, it is the pic rail section that comes with the Nordic kit (nut, tube, cap, clamp, QD mount and pic rail). On one of their promotions, Olight offered a free pressure pad. It magnetically attaches to the same place you recharge the light. It doesn't normally come with the PL-PRO, but you can order it as an extra .

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    Aridus universal Q-DC back in stock this morning


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    First, thank you to everyone who has posted in the last 400 odd pages. I've learned a lot and saved myself a lot of experimental money because of your experience, your posts and your photos. Here is where I am at. I welcome questions and suggestions.

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    Most of my mods are ones that others have already done. The Nordic magazine extension and clamp with QD Mount and Pic rail, and ESSTAC shell card. The light is an Olight PL-PRO that I posted earlier but from a different angle so you can see how much it sticks out to the side, and how close the bezel is to the muzzle. The other modification is addition of a QD cup to the left side of the buttstock. Honestly, that was the toughest part to install. It is an Impact Weapons Components Mount-N-Slot Direct Attach Mount. First, locate where in the stock you want to drill a hole. I did a starter, smaller hole as a guide for the 1/2" dia hole needed by the mount. Removing the stock from the gun was simple. Thin phillips head screwdriver to remove the buttpad and an 11mm (I think it was 11, not the always lost 10mm) socket to remove the nut keeping it all together. The mount has a flange with two set screws to push against the inside of the stock. There is a split ring that goes into a groove on the outside of the socket that when completed, presses against the outside surface of the stock. So the cup itself is held by the tension between the two set screws on the inside pushing against the stock, and the split ring on the outside opposing the set screws. I did not consider the length of my allen wrench before selecting the location of the mount and drilling my hole. Keep in mind that you do not have complete access to the entire inside of the stock. There is actually only a small rectangular opening from the rear. Because it was very difficult to get the wrench into the set screws and then only being able to turn them maybe 10 degrees of rotation, I abandoned the instructions, tightened the screws in the flange to a depth that allowed just enough room to get the split ring in the groove on the outside. Then I did a little wrenching on the set screws. I had to hold the wrench with a pair of needle nose pliers and then fish around to get it in the set screw socket. Keep that in mind if you want to do this yourself.

    I tried a Holosun 503 on the optic rail and it proved the value of the Aridus CROM. It is just too high. So I have a CROM on back order. A Pro-style lifter is on my list of things to get, and maybe a match-saver.

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    Phew! Finally!!!

    101 topics bookmarked and about month of reading, I finally got to the last post.

    New to shot gun world. (I have only shot pistols) Lucky Gunner made me want a pump when I saw the 870 video. Good thing the timing wasn't great back then so I wasn't able to get one. Until I saw LGs 1301T vid (I'll pass on that 870).

    I was lucky to snag a Black 1301T gen2 last month, May 2021. $1,689.35cad including taxes.
    Really hard to find here in Ontario, Canada. I probably bought the last one because every gun store is out of stock.

    The gun is getting dusty though. Not a single shot fired yet because of the lockdown in place. Ranges are just about to open with limitations. and it's hard to book a spot.

    Also, I like tacti-cool. So these bad boys are on their way to me:
    Magpul SGA Stock Mossberg
    Aridus Universal QD - I'm lefty so i don't know how this will work out. I read it's hard for lefties.
    Aridus Handguard
    Aridus Stock Adapter
    Aridus Aimpoint CROM with RH rear sight. - no aimpoint experience but I'd rather get this one now than be in grief in the future waiting for a restock.

    I have this with me already:
    Nordic 12ga follower - this is going to be a mistake. I blame LTT because I saw their vid before getting to the post regarding the issue. . lol!!! Just kidding.

    As it stands, I'm reducing my daily meals from 3 down to 1 meal a day. This is expensive.

    Have good one!!!

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    Quick update because I couldn't edit the post above. I didn't like the amount of noise when the sling swivel and hardware banged against the stock. Banged sounds like a violent movement, but it was any movement. I attributed that to the hollow stock creating an echo chamber so I pulled off the buttpad and stuffed a piece of closed cell foam into the cavity. It deadens the sound somewhat, but not completely, so either I'm way off on my theory or there are additional hollow voids. Again, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    Let the great Aridus Scavenger hunt begin, I picked up my 1301T Marine today and am as excited as a kid at Christmas.

    I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread as I have read every word and wouldn't have spent the $$ without your shared experiences.
    So thanks for letting me in the club.

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