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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    Sorry I should have posted that. Itís from SureCycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigfla View Post
    So I did another thing I said I wasnít going to do. I have never really aesthetically cared for the stock bolt handle. I donít know if Yeagers video is legit or not but just for looks I went ahead and got this. Itís compatible with several Beretta models including the 1301 but the pin design is different from stock. I was able to install it without disassembling the gun by using my finger to push the bolt back until the key aligned.
    That looks to be a one piece design, machined out of a single piece of steel. Should be pretty robust. I'll buy a couple and give them a shot.

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    I just emailed them b/c I realized you can pull the handle out with some force at any position the bolt is in. Its probably about the same force my Benelli M4 requires as the keyed end is similar in design. The factory Bolt handle has a sort of foot that locks it in. This one doesn't. It still seems pretty solid but I figured I would ask them if thats how its supposed to be. I do like it however as it is very solid and its not as obtrusive as the factory handle. I'll post their response if I get one.

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    I donít know if the installation method is similar or not, but I recently installed and then lost an extended bolt handle on my a300 clays gun. It would appear that I did not instal the aftermarket part correct,y, and Iím now back to the factory part.

    So make sure you really jam it in there, I suppose.

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