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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    I don’t have the FIGHTER pad, but based on my measurements, the LOP would be about 11 3/4” with it.

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    Correct - the Fighter pad was not out a couple years ago when I got my X22 pads but it is now a lower LOP option for the SGA off the factory Magpul pad -

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    Just a few tips if you go with the Kick Eez pads…

    I purchased the thicker version for my SGA stock. I ground down the top and bottom corners of the pad with sand paper to aid in shouldering the gun without snagging on clothing.

    The pad also comes out of the box with a glossy finish. I was able to achieve a matte finish by hitting it with a scotchbrite wheel on my Dremel.

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    Good to know - send some pics of your modded pad - I had heard about the gloss finish as well - I'll be getting a 1/2" all purpose pad ground onto my Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine when I get it (14" LOP with a 1" pad, overkill) as I'll be getting Briley to shorten the stock for more compact LOP, but I don't know of the glossy finish of their all purpose pads I assume it is more matte

    Is the Kickeez material more squishy? I only have Limbsavers ground on a few shotguns and they are like a rubber gel type material, nice pads, but the smith at Limbsaver who did installs retired unfortunately, he did beautiful work grinding 4 shotgun pads for me in the past few years.

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    Here’s a quick shot of my modded pad. You can see the beveled top and bottom corners and the glossiness removed. I think the shine is probably a release compound and would wear away eventually through use.

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