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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    I was brainstorming the purpose of the overhang when I was mounting my MRO. I believe it’s there so the optic can mount to the piece without interfering with the rail/receiver screws. I’ve read of in some applications of the CROM, the forward receiver screw might be partially covered by the optic, so careful attention has to be used when tightening it down.

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    Figure I’d post some shooter’s view pics of my MRO/Rusty Nuts setup…

    This is what it looks like when the dot is centered in the housing:
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    And if I tuck my cheek down a bit to use the irons:
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    In the pic, the sight picture looks a little cluttered with irons, but when shooting with the dot, I’m TARGET focused and everything just washes out. I’ve contemplated machining off the top portion of the rear ghost ring, but it won’t be necessary… but I might do it just to try it out.

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    O-ring information

    Couple of tips on O-rings

    1. While cleaning the 1301 I blew out the gas cylinder with my compressor and blew the gas cylinder O-ring right out. Luckily I didn't loose it and it was undamaged!
    2. The Firing pin O-ring and the firing pin retaining pin O-ring are interchangeable. They both have the same part# C5A354
    3. Probably a good idea to have some spares on hand!
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    Got out to the range this morning to sight in my 1301. Really easy to sight in w the Truball slugs at 25 yards.

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    After sighting in the slugs I shot some more 8 pellet FC loads. Either this lot has some issues or my 1301 just doesn’t like them. Patterns were shitty at 25. Although some of the patterns at 15 were awesome, I had one the was very inconsistent. Plus I had 2 FTEs.

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    As you can see, 4/5 were great, but the 4th shot (the one at the head) was very inconsistent with the other 4.

    After patterning the 00, I ran a box of 7 1/2 3dr field loads through it. Ghost loaded to 9. Ran like a scalded dog. So far the only issues I’ve had with this have been the 8 pellet FC.

    I’m gonna pattern some of the 8 pellet through my Tac-14 when I get the chance to see how they do.
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    1301 TT18C version

    New Guy...First Post

    Just picked up a 1301 TT18C version. What did Beretta do to make this version now 922 compliant, all parts made State side ?

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    Here's a good view of my 3/4 U-notch aperture

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    Here’s my poor photo-chop of how I was thinking of modifying the factory ghost ring. I wanted to cut the top off and make it more like traditional pistol sights… opinions???

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    Any idea when the Gen 2 came about?
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    it appears the Gen 2's came out around September 2018 and the Gen 3's came out around September 2021 with factory 7 round capacity magazine tubes and a new M-LOK compatible barrel clamp with dual integral QD Sling swivels.
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    Titanium Charging Handle

    Got my “last” piece in the mail this week.

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    5 day transit from UK. Great service!

    Adding some photos of my boomstick “build”.
    I had the stock and handguard stippled.
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