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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    Well this thread just claimed another victim...

    I have been looking for a new HD shotty and was almost set on the M4. However, after extensive reading on this forum and the net, decided to go with the Beretta. I have ordered some nice accoutrements from Aridus Industries and just happen to have an Aimpoint H1 with no home to mount up. I am looking forward to having some fun the 1301 very soon. Thanks to all who contributed to this thread and especailly to the Beretta rep.

    I will post some pictures when everything is up and running.
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    I gotta say that has been a LONG thread experience. I too have been interested in a good semiauto 12g, but had never found the ideal platform for me. With all the help/advice in this thread, I just might have to give the 1301 a try.
    Experience is everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRoland View Post
    With out the clamp, is there an easy way to mount a light without resorting to tape or replacing the forend?
    Several folks, including myself, are making good use of the Streamlight mount.

    It's perfectly adequate for a home defense gun IMHO, or could serve as an interim solution while you work something else out.

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