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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolcraigster26 View Post
    Well damn. I just ordered some of those gaskets...

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    Iíve been home recovering from a full hip replacement. I have the time, inclination, and money to try a few things on my current project gun, my Beretta 1301 Tac. I posted this with reticence since Iím not proud of the purchase, but Iíll take one for the team. Hopefully it will keep someone from making a similar error.

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    Iím ok with the gaskets after minor trimming. The only reason Iím using the clamp is to provide a light mount, if I find a different solution I like it will probably come off.

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    I'm thinking some chunks of hockey or gaffer tape stuck to the rings might be a better option if it doesn't slip under recoil. Thinner so it doesn't change the effective ID of the clamp as much and not going to squeeze out due to textile reinforcement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    Iím ok with the gaskets after minor trimming. The only reason Iím using the clamp is to provide a light mount, if I find a different solution I like it will probably come off.
    You could mount the light on Aridus handguard. That would let you eliminate the clamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoduff View Post
    Pistol grip stocks are just as useful on tactical shotguns as they are on AR15s. We're not shooting sporting clays with our 1301t... There's a bunch of Fudds in this thread
    While I donít think a traditional stock makes one a fudd, this is something I have pondered as well. Iíd love it if someone with exoerience could explain why a pistol grip stock (not pistol grip only) is bad on a shotgun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    I prefer the OEM handguard and butt stock. With a Nordic extension, I can mount a light and sling using the OEM handguard. The OEM configuration feels and handles better for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    That's reassuring. I think we are built somewhat alike. I don't have my 1301 yet but I was dreading another fiddle-fart black hole of unobtanium parts...
    I completely agree with GJM about preferring the OEM handguard. And I agree with the pain-in-the-assness of trying to obtain parts.

    I prefer the Magpul stock because of the wider and thicker recoil pad and because it allows you to make the gun more compact. I much prefer the pistol grip of the Magpul stock for the way that it makes the gun feel and handle over that of the standard stock. However, I shot the gun before I had the Magpul stock installed and it was completely usable in that configuration.

    Below is a quick picture I snapped of my 1301 with the Magpul stock installed and the OEM stock below the gun for comparison. The magpul stock in the picture has all of the spacers removed for comparison of how it can shorten the gun, but I run the gun with a single spacer installed in the Magpul stock. Once I imported the picture to my computer for editing and posting, I realized that the gun wasn't straight but decided to just use the photo for expediency sake.

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    My gun came with the factory +2 magazine extension which I greatly prefer for a defensive shotgun. It does not increase the length of the gun or do anything notable to its weight or balance characteristics, and brings me up from a gun with a 5 round magazine to one with a 7 round magazine. Since we are talking about a gun that has a magazine capacity of only 5 rounds, I would rather have an additional round or two. Having said that, a Beretta 1301 with a 5 round magazine is certainly usable, but if I bought one that had the 5 round capacity I would try to get the Nordic 2 round magazine extension kit that does not exceed the length of the length of the barrel.

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